Thursday, 15 October 2015

Them Slow Updates

Hey all,

It has been a couple weeks since I last updated this blog. I know I said once every two weeks, and I’ll try to stick to that (it was three this time). My school work is ramping up a bit, plus some additional extra-curricular learnings that I feel are useful, and my time is stretched a bit thin. My schoolwork is going really well, I’ve been scoring near 100% on everything I hand in, and I really feel like I’m learning a lot. I can answer people’s questions about web design stuff off the top of my head, and that’s pretty cool. Technical skills—who knew they were so useful?

I have had some time to write, however, or edit as the case may be—I’ll talk about that today.

There is one particular chapter, or part of a chapter that I’ve been focusing on for the past couple weeks. A lot of what I do is stare at my writing, spending time trying to figure out if I like what it says on the page or not. Way more time goes into thinking than actually making changes. This is the worst part about content editing. Grammar stuff is easy, there are rules; this is just me making it up as I go. Anyways, this chapter/ scene has gone through about ten different iterations, and used to direct the book in an entirely different direction. I’ve scrubbed all of that stuff out, and replaced it in a way that people seem to have responded well to. It’s quick-ish, it’s to the point, people remember it, and it feeds some interesting backstory to the plot. It’s a well written bit of text (if I do say so myself) as an enclosed item. My concern is that it doesn’t blend as well with the stuff around it as I’d like. I feel like the changes happen too suddenly, which was done on purpose originally (it makes sense at the end of the book). But the readers are not at the end of the book yet, and so I personally feel like it might be jarring. The scene appears, happens, feeds some information, and is gone again, never to reappear. The only relics are what Daniel learns during the chapter. I don’t know if I need to drop back earlier into the book to add in a bit of buildup… or perhaps have him led more slowly into the scene? It’s a conundrum and one that I’ve not had nearly as much time as I’d like to work on fixing. Hopefully I can find a bit more time in the coming weeks to get back into the swing of things.


Thursday, 24 September 2015

Once Every Two Weeks?

Hey all,

As you probably noticed, I missed my last blog post. It turns out my school work-load is a bit more intense than I originally thought it would be. The content is great, and fun to work through, there’s just a lot of it, and I really want to make sure I understand everything. I’ve had a lot less time to work on my editing than I thought I would, and so for the mean time I think I might drop my posts to once every two weeks, on Thursday.

The stuff I did get to this week were mostly Dreamstate II edits. I had to find my place again, and so grammar was my main focus. I need to figure out what exactly I was in the middle of working on (stuff not marked by readers) in the next couple days. I took a bit of a break and did so seemingly in the middle of a paragraph. There’s nothing too exciting to report on that front, I’m afraid. I opened my shadowmen book for a few moments and gave it a once over, but didn’t really do any work on it.

Unfortunately it might be like this for a while, sparse and slightly dry updates. If I do get through my work for a week more quickly in the future and can then write more, I’ll update once or twice a week. Like I said before, the book is still coming along, just a bit slower than before.


Thursday, 10 September 2015


Hey all,

I’ve got some news to talk about today. It shouldn’t have too much of an effect on my blog postings, but it might bump into my writing speed.

So, I have gone back to school (yay). It’s a year and a half to two year online program that focuses on web development and some design. So far, I’ve been getting through the content relatively quickly, but that is likely to change as things get a bit more intense. I’m still going to be working on my Dreamstate II edits, but they’re going to have to wait in the week until I get done with my school work. I haven’t stopped writing, just my priorities have shifted a little bit. Good grades and learning everything I can in the next couple years is going to take a bit of a front seat for a while.

You all shouldn’t really notice that much of a difference. I’ll still update the blog once a week (twice if I ever get done with these infernal edits) and I’ll still keep working towards a finished book. I’ll probably slow down with how much of an impact I’m making on the edits themselves (if such a thing were possible). But as I said, not too much will change from the outside perspective. I just wanted everyone to know that if I really start to drag with new content, it’s not because I’m napping, it’s because I’m coding.

The stuff that I did work on this week were just more of the same. I fixed a lot of awkward sentences, corrected the typos that I’d left in, and deleted a few things. The stuff I took out was some old content that led a bit into a sub plot that never really materialized. It was fine where it was, but didn’t add too much, and the book is a bit long as it is. It let me free up some space to smooth out the scenes surrounding the removed text. I like the result, so good times for all.