Friday, 30 November 2012

Dreamstate: Dark Eyes (My Novel)

I’d mentioned on my last post that I’d be going over my upcoming book, which as of this moment is being processed by Smashwords and Amazon. As soon as it’s 100% up and running, I’ll make a point of putting another post about it. There will also be links popping up in my “My Writing” section of the site.

This is a pretty exciting time for me; I’ve been putting about fourteen hours a day/night into finalizing everything over the past week and a bit. It’s nice to see everything finally coming together. I might even have a nap after this, or maybe a coffee… possibly both.

The book that I keep mentioning, but never fully discussing, is titled Dreamstate: Dark Eyes. It is the first in a five book series, which I will be releasing more or less yearly (don’t hold me to that though, sometimes I get sidetracked by other projects.) It’s classified as a Young Adult Fantasy novel, although, there is considerable adult crossover appeal—in most places I also have it marked as a Contemporary Fantasy.

So, the book itself. When I started filling out the queries that went out to the traditional agents, I found that I was having a lot of trouble really breaking down what went on within the pages of the book. There were enough little details that, if they weren’t included, really detracted from the overall experience of discovering the world I’d created. The first couple versions that I’d sent out pretty much bounced from plot point to plot point without much feel left for the reader to grasp onto. You knew what was happening, but you didn’t care. That was a problem. I found that there was an intimate connection with the characters and the world that just wasn’t coming through in my descriptions, and so I changed it. Eventually I came to the point where there was a workable balance between plot and emotional resonance, but not before I really had settled on dealing with the publishing myself.

Anyways, I believe I’ve kept you waiting long enough. And now, without further ado, for your reading pleasure, an exclusive synopsis of Dreamstate: Dark Eyes.

* * *

Dreamstate: Dark Eyes is a novel about dreams and power and friendship. It is about a boy torn between two worlds, and how he means nothing in one, but everything in the other.

Every night, as eleven-year-old Daniel Knox falls asleep, he has the dream again. It is a dream filled with grand forests, small towns, bizarre creatures, and stone castles. For Daniel, this is how it has always been, and it is a comforting place. But not all is well in the world.

Daniel’s picturesque dream harbors a terrible presence. A shadowy god rests upon the throne, and through a chance encounter with a mysterious girl named Leerah, Daniel is pulled into a war he knows nothing about. Hunted by dark forces, he must learn to master the powers within himself or see his dream world conquered by evil.

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