Thursday, 13 December 2012

Physical Objects Frighten Me

The other day I was hanging out on one of my more favorite writer forums, and came across a rather interesting thread detailing the process of self-publishing. Now, I’ve done all the e-publishing stuff, but this was talking about physical books. I’ve had a few requests for physical print copies, and after giving everything a good read, decided that sure, I’d do the same thing.

So, this post is an announcement that there will be physical copies of Dreamstate: Dark Eyes coming to Amazon and (I think) most other online retailers, as soon as I finish setting it up. The process of setting up the book is actually fairly straight forward, but as always, the devil really is in the details. There are about one hundred million things that I need to check and tweak to make sure everything looks good in the final product. It’s easy to make something, but it’s a lot harder to make something good. There is a reason why people get paid the big bucks (maybe? How much do print/formatters/typesetters make?) to do this professionally.

It’s interesting, delving into another world that I’d experienced, but never really interacted with until now. There are all sorts of strange factoids and objects to consider while setting up print sizes, margins, fonts, and whatever else I decide to shove into the pages. I do admit to experiencing a wee bit of daunting terror, though, due to the fact that when this is finished, it’s set in stone (paper). The e-publishing is easy enough to update or tweak if you see something that you hate, but this has a touch more reality to it. I will of course be using all of the tools I can get my hands on, and shall order a copy for myself to check it all out before going distribution happy, just to make sure it’s in working order.

As to when everything will be up and ready to order, I don’t know, it depends on how fast both I and the vast companies on the internet work. You’ll hear here first when it’s set up, though, so keep checking back. Also, my twitter and facebook are pretty good places to catch up on what I’m up to.


Oh, and by the way, my e-book should slowly be filtering onto other sites as the companies update their online stock. I'll keep the "my writing" section updated with links. 

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