Sunday, 23 December 2012

Writing and the Holidays

This is going to be an early post, as I will be out of town tomorrow (Monday).

Writing during the holidays can be a bit of an adventure. Oftentimes you’re away from home, family is around, you have shopping to do, things to see, and places to be. It can all be a bit overwhelming, and sitting down to write tends to get shoved further and further towards the end of your list. If you note, I’m writing this fairly late Saturday night—I had a busy day. It happens to the best of us, and it’s not a reason to feel discouraged.

For clarity’s sake, I’m going to expand a little bit on that last line. If you find yourself completely overwhelmed, and you’re losing sleep, and the entire world is resting on your shoulders, then take a couple days off. It’s good to write, and for some people, myself included, it can help create a calm space where your brain can relax and run free. This is not the case for everyone, though. A lot of people find writing stressful, especially when there’s a lot more errands to run with very tight deadlines. If you need a break, take one; and come back feeling refreshed and content with a clearer schedule.

Now, by all means, if you’d like to try and find a way to write, do so. Even if it’s smuggling a laptop or even just a journal to wherever you’re going for the holidays, do it. This is what I plan to do over the next couple days. Before you go to sleep at night, or even during a lull in the middle of the day—sneak off and jot down some thoughts or a few paragraphs. You’ll feel good that you did.

Anyways, I’m tired, so this will be a short post.

Happy holidays everyone!

I will be back for your usual Thursday post time.


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