Wednesday, 2 January 2013

A Victim of My Own Brain

I’ll apologize right now if this post seems a little more scatterbrained and less organized than normal. It’s a bit more about my writing process at the moment and less about different aspects of being a writer. Posts like this will crop up from time to time, especially if I’m in the middle of something that I don’t usually do, as you will read in the next few paragraphs. I had considered for a moment writing a post about exactly what I’ve been doing—plots, ideas, thoughts, and whatever else I’d jotted down over the past few weeks. I then changed my mind and instead wrote what you’re about to read. 90% of what I would have told you, had I talked about my rough ideas, would be different by the time they reached the first draft, so there really isn’t much point in exploring the depths of my primordial thoughts. Instead, you’ll be hearing about a slight change in my writing style, one that’s been just as annoying as it has been useful.

It’s been an odd last few days for me. If you might recall, I had said, a few posts back, that I was spending so much of my time networking, that I was hardly getting any work done. Well, I’ve set things up so that most of it is automated, and I tweet when I like and post on my blog twice a week. There is more than enough time in that schedule for writing. The problem that I’m facing, and I’m sure others have encountered as well, however, is that I have plenty of time to write, but I’m just not doing it.

Allow me to explain; this isn’t about just being lazy or bored or running out of ideas, rather it’s quite the opposite. I’ve been so full of ideas of the past few days that for about 80% of my work time, I’ve been buried in journals. I’ve re-planned out the book I’m re-writing, I’ve more or less fully planned out the next two Dreamstate books, and I’ve started the roughest of plans for a full length novel based off my short story From Ash. I’m rather certain I’ve put my brain on a massive backlog over the few weeks that all I did was set up websites, format, and network. The holidays were a busy time too—I’ll admit, I got less work than usual done, but apparently my thoughts kept on churning along.

I’ve got some solid writing done during this time; it’s not as if I’ve abandoned my computer completely over the past week. It’s just coming along at about a quarter the pace that it normally does. I had mentioned above that I found this annoying, which I do. Now, don’t get me wrong, I do love having a veritable fount of new ideas, but on the other hand, I kind of like to have my ideas slower than this. I feel like if I don’t start writing things down (which I’ve been doing) I very well might forget the details, and I rather like a lot of the details. I don’t know if this is how everyone feels when they write, but for me, when I hit that 2000 word word-count for the day, I feel accomplished; even if I get a million other things done in the day, if I don’t get my words done, I feel a bit miffed. That might sound odd, but it keeps me driven to keep writing, even when I’ve got a few other things on my plate.

Next week we should be back to our regularly scheduled pieces of writing and the writing process—I think I may talk about online reviews, getting your book out there, and the way in which I have slight panic attacks every time a stranger reads my book.


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