Thursday, 10 January 2013

An Interruption to the Regularly Scheduled Blogging

*Edit - The picture upload seems to have broken, but it should be fixed now.

So last time I posted, I said that I would be writing a three part bit on big social media sites and how to use them effectively as a writer. I’m not going to be doing that anymore, for two reasons. The first of which, is that I think I came at the problem wrong. I set up the posts to be me lecturing the universe on the way that people mess up their social presence. When I first read through the twitter post, I liked what I had said. But the more that I went back, the less I liked; as of right now, I would probably just pull the post and re-write it if I could, but that would be weird and people would notice. What I’m trying to say, is that the way I should have set up the posts were to have me talking about what I am doing, not what everyone else is up to. I could mention things that I’m trying to avoid, and why, but not necessarily just poke holes in everything else. There was very little in those posts about how I was doing, which is sort of the point of the blog. So, come Monday, there will be a very long blog post which will include a redone Twitter post and the intended Facebook posting. After that, you will see one with Goodreads, and Blogger (which is what I base this site off of).

Now, at the top of this page I said that there were two reasons why I won’t be continuing my social networking tear, and that’s because, *drum roll please* the proof copy of Dreamstate: Dark Eyes has finally arrived! That’s a picture of it right below:

It’s looking good, as far as I can tell. The covers look slick, everything is centered nicely, and the pages all seem to work just as I intended them to. Things pop that you want to pop and don’t elsewhere. It looks nice, and I’m pleased with the result.

The one minor worry I had at first was that the paper might be too white. It’s pretty bright, and a lot of books tend to use off-white paper to kill some of the glare. The option was available, but I thought it looked a little bit like butter (a bit too yellow for my taste). Although, the more I look online, the more it seems to be a pretty even split between white, cream colored, and anywhere in between pages—not much in the way of a standard. Also, the longer that I stare at the pages, the less the glare bothers me. When I had first opened it, I had been sitting in a dark room writing in a journal, and then  cracked it open under a bunch of halogen lights—it was very bright. The white on black actually makes the book pretty easy to read in low light, and the words really pop. I might not recommend reading it out in direct sunlight without a pair of shades, but then again, isn’t that the case with all books?

Anyways, the paperback will be out soon, I just need to go through all the pages and make sure I didn’t do something too obviously weird. There were enough strange stops and formatting oddities happening during formatting that page numbers might very well be flipped, headers could be missing, or even things like drop text might be misaligned. I’ll make a point of updating everything and giving the world a good shout when the book goes live.


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