Thursday, 31 January 2013

I Did Not Write Today, but I Did Do Some Thinking

 Hey all,

You get to hear about my day for the first bit of today’s post, because that’s how I wrote this. The second half details my brain going into overdrive working on the next Dreamstate novel; so, slog through the me section, and you’ll eventually find the writing parts.

I had a strange day today. It was strange insofar as it was different than my usual day, which is how the rest of my week went. I pretty much have one day that repeats itself with slight variances to keep me from going mad. The rest of my week I wake up, write, eat, go to the gym if it is a gym day, and hang out with my girlfriend—I also tend to go for a walk. If there is a spare hour, I’ll read for a bit; this usually depends on how well my own writing is going. I imagine a lot of people have a schedule like this, especially when they’re working at somewhere that isn’t their living room. I’ve had people seem surprised that I don’t do much during my day, as I don’t have to be in an office, but I really am working, and gallivanting about the city would put a pretty decent damper on my usually tight work schedule.

Anyways, today was weird for me, because I didn’t get any writing done. I suppose I’m writing this blog post right now, but that hardly counts; it’s more of a stream of thought than a story. Right, where was I… so I woke up this morning after only a few hours of sleep (I tend to be a bit of a night owl) and was struck with the want to drink tea and read. I did so for a good chunk of the morning, and then I took a nap, as I’d only had a few hours of sleep. I had started into The Sea of Trolls, one of the Nancy Farmer books that I’d been gifted at Christmas; I’m now about a third of the way through, and it’s proving to be a rather good read. I did all of this, and then had a very large session of not wanting to work on my current book. I like it, but it’s being a bit of a jerk, and I’m having issues keeping the larger work as a whole in sight as I fiddle with smaller details. I then said, “Fine, I’ll just work on the next Dreamstate book.” And so I did.

The real fun that I’m having with the new Dreamstate book is that it’s been running through my head for the better part of six months. I’ve had thoughts and plot points planned out since I was writing the first novel; it’s great to finally get a lot of them down on paper. And while this might make me sound a bit strange, I’ve found that the physical writing of the outline has just been a blast. It’s been a steady stream of ideas and concepts, somewhat approaching a state of barely contained chaos. I have to keep stopping myself from getting sidetracked and expanding on the individual scenes, which is harder than you might expect. I want to get that bare-bones full outline spread out first, so I can see where I need to focus before I start the actual writing. My brain, on the other hand, just wants to start writing right now, outline be damned.

It’s pretty cool to work on the second book in a series, which I’ve never done before, where I can just assume that my reader base is aware of the more basic functions of the dreamstates and the physics of the different worlds. I, of course, will run through some sort of refresher for those readers whom have taken a break between books; but I don’t have to quite go into as much back story about the world, I can focus more on the characters, both good and evil, and their interactions and personal stories. There will be a lot of growth, I think, especially with Daniel (not all of it good) in the next book. I’m quite enjoying the direction of the new Brother too—he’s very different from the last one. He’s still pretty nasty of a person, but there’s a bit more depth and personality to him, possibly less creepy factor. He’s a work in progress, I’m sure I’ll refine him a bit more as things move along in the writing phase.

Oh, right, before I sign off, the title of the next book—Dreamstate II: Wretched Throat. Look for it in June. Maybe.


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