Monday, 28 January 2013

Nitpicking and Dealing with Companies

Hey all,

So, ever since I’ve released my paperbacks, I’ve been meaning to start emailing review sites and local libraries; but I haven’t. I know that it’s probably a massive failure on my part to have not been doing this already, but I’m waiting for a shipment of the physical paperbacks to show up, and I’m not too sure when they’ll get here (the US/Canada border is less than reliable). I want to be able to send out the copies as soon as people request them, or agree to take them, and I’d rather not tell them it’ll be a few weeks one way and then a couple more the other. Excuses, possibly, but semi-legitimate ones at the very least.

On a similar note, just the other day a very nice woman who I follow on twitter sent me a message. It turns out she also runs/ has started up a book review site, and wanted to know if I was looking to have people review my book. I, of course, said yes, and with a little bit of back and forth about what format would be best, I’ve sent off a digital copy of Dreamstate: Dark Eyes with some basic info. I’ll make sure to post a link (possibly even create a new “reviews section) when review comes up, but in the mean time, here’s a link to her site—it’s worth a look:

This has nothing to do with the title of today’s entry, but it’s something that I’m both as excited and as nervous as humanly possible about. Every time something comes up where I know in advance that I’m going to be reviewed, I have to assume the worst and lay on the floor wondering if my life is a lie. Coffee, cookies, and going to the gym seem to make it better—I recommend these things if you ever find yourself on the ground pondering your existence.

The nitpicking aspect of the title comes from what I found in my book before I emailed it off to be reviewed. It was nothing substantial, but at the very end of the .ePub version, I had set up a line across the page, after “The End” to denote that yes, it was the actual end. Somehow, and only in the one version, the converter had made about 4 or 5 of these lines surrounding “The End.” It wasn’t actually bothering anything, but I was not pleased and had to change it. I ended up making the slight change of “The End” to “End of Book One,” which is how I have it in my print copies. I’m glad that I’m able to change slight things like this on the digital versions, because if I wasn’t I very well might go insane. I’m still not sure how I managed to let that one slip through the cracks, but it did, and now it’s better. It should update on whatever other sites that Smashwords distributes to in the next couple weeks, and all will be well.

The topic of Smashwords distributing to other sites actually segues quite nicely into my next title point. I recently discovered that Apple iTunes has my book on it, which is good. But it has it titled as Dreamstate instead of Dreamstate: Dark Eyes, which is bad. I wrote to explain that Dreamstate is the series title, and that it might cause some havoc when I released the next book in the series. The woman I got was very understanding, and while she couldn’t make the change herself, she gave me an email address that should have put me in contact with someone who could make the necessary changes. When I emailed the new address, I got back an auto-reply telling me that they do not read emails sent to the new address, and that I should try the help people instead. Pretty much I got sent in a big circle, and I think I might just have to give them a call tomorrow, or today, depending on when you’re reading this. I’ve had this happen a couple times, with odd stuff being out of whack, but I’ve always been able to fix it with a couple quick emails—I rather do hate calling people. Oh well, things are as they are I suppose.

In other, entirely unrelated to anything besides what’s playing in my headphones right now news, I’ve found another band I rather like. They’re called Baroness, and while I’ve been aware of them for some time, I never really gave them a listen. They have a Mastodon-esque vibe about them, but not quite, maybe it’s a bit softer (on their most recent album). Whatever they are, I like them, and recommend that people give ‘em a listen.


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