Thursday, 21 February 2013

Charlotte Says

Hey all,

A brief intro from me (Trevor) before we lead into Charlotte’s post. As I had said on Monday, Charlotte had expressed interest in writing a guest blog post, or perhaps she only joked about it, but I told her that it sounded like a great idea; and this is how the concept was born. Over the next couple days she did as asked and wrote quite the lengthy piece, so without further ado—Charlotte.

Okay, so bare (bear?) with me here.  I’m not nearly as good at writing as Trevor – something that was made clear to me at University when he would help me with my fantastically interesting (ha!) papers which were carefully picked apart for small grammatical errors and poor wording choices.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s actually a good deal having a spouse that has an eye for words.  Trevor has been helping me with cover letters lately, something I absolutely dread doing.  They have been much improved, simply with small tweaks which I never would have thought of.  I’m pretty sure the phrase “I am enthralled by statistics” scored me an interview a few weeks ago.

I said I would do a guest blog post to give Trevor a break, and perhaps a different perspective.  However, I’ve been panicking wondering what to say.  When Trevor first started writing books, I thought he’d gone a bit mental.  How many people do you know who’ve written a novel?  It seems like many people talk about their novel, or memoirs, but how many actually produce something they would publish?  Not many.  As he was writing I was terrified I would hate it, or that it would be bad.  For the most part I think I was pretty supportive, but I tend to think in worst-case-scenario terms (mostly just so I can prepare myself for the worst – then anything better than worst case comes as a happy surprise).  When Trevor was writing Dreamstate, I would see it chapter by chapter and it hooked me right in.  I couldn’t believe this person I had known for so long was actually incredibly talented as well as good looking, funny, etc.  It was odd to read a real book by someone I knew, a book that would hold up to the other young adult fantasy books I read voraciously around the age of 10-16. 

I guess the point of this post is that it can be hard to be supportive.  Writing, or other kinds of creative pursuits can appear as a hobby to more science minded people like myself.  Success to me would be finding an exciting job where I can work 9-5 manipulating data and making maps.  Success to Trevor would be becoming the next Stephen King or JK Rowling, and I think there is something exciting about that.  Both of these famous authors had to start somewhere and I know Stephen King’s wife must have found it tough when they were living in a double wide with 2 kids.  Stephen King wrote “On Writing”, which is an incredibly interesting book about how tough it was for him to finally “make it” with his writing.  I would love to read a book by Tabitha King about the same time period!  Sure, not many people “make it” in the way these authors have, but the sky really is the limit.  When I see Trevor working away on his journals smiling about the story unfolding in his head, I know this is the perfect career for him.         


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