Monday, 18 February 2013

Terror, but the Good Kind

Hey all,

Exciting news from the internet front! I’ve had the first non-specifically review based website review go up online. You can read it here. I mean, technically the website is a review blog, but it’s independent of anywhere like Amazon, Goodreads, or Smashwords. It is written by a single person, I’ve made a special little section over in the upper right hand corner of the navigation bar at the top of the screen that, hopefully, once I get more reviews, will fill up.

My package of books (for sending to other reviewers) still hasn’t arrived, which, I know seems slow (it’s been nearly three weeks), but the border takes as long as it takes. I’ve emailed DHL, since my tracking numbers don’t seem to work, which means that the box will probably arrive here the same day that they respond to me—this is how the world tends to work.

I always have the same feelings of abject terror whenever anyone I know is going to either buy, read, or review my book. I don’t know why I’m horrified, I’ve read books that I didn’t like, and hold no ill will against the authors, but I’m convinced that one of these days someone is going to call me up and demand their money back.

I’ve been lucky so far in the fact that I’ve pretty much had universally good reviews from every source. Four and five star reviews seem to be the thing for Dreamstate, unless I’m missing a site out there where everyone finds joy in picking my prose to bits. If such a place exists, don’t tell me about it, it seems like a sad place filled with broken dreams and crushed hopes. Kind of like a Wal-Mart, but with less savings.

I’ve been playing with the idea of writing about music while I write, and the more I sketch out ideas for the posts, the longer it seems to be. I think that it might wind up being a two-parter, and will probably fill up all of next week. It should be interesting though, or at the very least, you’ll find out what I listen to while I write and why (it might surprise you).

Also, the next post (on Thursday) will be written by a special guest blogger, my girlfriend Charlotte. She has requested to be allowed to write a post, which I think would be rather fun (and it’d give me a night off). I’m really not quite sure what she’ll write about, but I assume it will be somewhat writing (or more worryingly, me) centric. Anyways, you’ll just have to come back then, as will I, to find out.


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