Monday, 4 March 2013

There be Chaos in These Waters

Hey all,

Shorter post here tonight, and it's more about me than writing, but hey, that's half the fun of this blog, right?

Anyways, so while there might not be full blown chaos happening in my (writing) life right now, but the world really is trying. I finally received my shipment of books that I’d ordered back in January. The strangest thing about the situation, though, is that it was delivered by UPS. I was told (and had been harassing them about the books’ whereabouts) that DHL was supposed to be delivering the goods; I had a tracking number and everything. Darn strange.

The chaos part of the ‘me getting my books,’ comes from the fact that I also got back my novella from the 3 Day Novel Contest last week. I went from more or less having about as much of a schedule as I created out of writing, drinking tea, and occasionally using twitter, to having a full blown mountain of work thrown at me. Editing, writing, more editing, and sending out countless (possibly fifteen or twenty) emails to different websites asking if they’d like to read and review Dreamstate now await me.

The original plan had been to have From Ash come back to me in January, and then the books come a bit later. Instead, they were both delayed to the exact same time—and now chaos. I suppose, looking at it from a distance, it doesn’t seem as bad as it did at first, but it would have been nice if things were spaced out a little bit more evenly. Oh well, that’s sort of the way things work, isn’t it?

On the actual writing front, and not the ‘oh my god I’m panicking,’ part, the editing of From Ash is going quite well. It should be done by either tomorrow (Monday) or Tuesday, depending on how ambitious I am tomorrow afternoon. It’s a lot more dense than Dreamstate was, or at least it feels that way, on the first pass. I’d imagine a lot of that is because I wrote the book in three days, and some things don’t quite connect how I’d like them to. For the most part, the story unfurls quite nicely, but there are a few (mostly mechanical) issues that I keep coming across. A couple solid passes and maybe with the help of another pair of eyes, and everything should be done without too much issue.

There’s not too much else to report on, since I’ve mostly been toying around with things I’ve already written. I have an amusingly large stack of copies of Dreamstate, which still makes me chuckle. I feel like I’m in one of those ‘before they were famous’ documentaries (if only) where the musician has six thousand copies of their first CD in their parents’ basement. I’ve included a picture for the sake of conversation.


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