Monday, 29 April 2013

From Ash is Out! Sort of!

Hey all,

So I’ve finally done what I’ve said I would be doing, and got everything done with From Ash. By everything, I mean that I’m done with everything in the book itself. After I finish this blog post up, I need to go onto Amazon and sort out the product description, and all that fun stuff. I might have the book up late tonight, or it could be tomorrow morning, depending on how much my brain starts to shut down. If you’re reading this on the morning of the 29th, then I’m probably still waiting for the book to be approved by Amazon. Hopefully I’ll have an update to this post (and the rest of the site) with the link by the evening.

Anyways, there were about a billion tiny fixes that I’ve made since the last full edit. Most of the problems were small things like a period at the end of a speech instead of a comma; nothing crazy, but annoying once you notice it. Formatting the book is also one of those things that I like to save for the very last moment, that way I can make sure that everything sits right on the pages once all the changes are put in. Nothing is going to kick a break onto a new page and leave a big blank spot (which would look very weird on an e-reader).

I’m putting the book through the Amazon KDP select program, as I mentioned before. I’m not quite sure when I’m going to do a free day, possibly on Thursday (that way I can announce it in the blog for the day, and you can go check it out). *A note* If anyone needs a copy of the book in a format that's not what Amazon provides, you might have to wait until the 90 days are up. I think I'd breech my contract if I emailed out a free copy.

Mostly, because I didn’t really do any writing over the past few days, I’m going to chat about something that really took a while for me to fix. I noticed, about halfway through the final pass of From Ash that I only used accents about three-quarters of the time. I had to figure out what I was doing to the characters’ grammar, and make sure that it was consistent throughout the book. If I had someone saying ‘ain’t and gonna’ only half the time, then I just come across as someone who can’t write. It was an odd pass, because I couldn’t search for the things that I wanted to change, rather I had to search for things that needed to be changed. I ended up breaking down the slang into the proper spellings, and then doing a search for those to change them (I had to be careful to make sure it was actually one of the characters talking, though, and not the narrator).

I guess this was a bit of a short post, but there should be a new book up on Amazon soon to make up for it. Enjoy!


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