Monday, 27 May 2013

Free Day Results 2.0

Hey all,

So, as the title would suggest, the results are in for my second free day of From Ash. It seems that the numbers are more or less exactly as they were last time. The bulk of the copies were downloaded in the US, with a handful in the UK. There were once again a few stragglers in other countries, but for the most part about 95% of the downloads came from the big two. I haven’t had any new reviews pop up quite yet, but then again, people do need to read the book before they can say anything about it; at the very least, more people know that I exist.

For the rest of this post, I’m going to go entirely off any sort of continuation of the topic of free days on Amazon, and just talk about what I like to do when I write. More specifically, what type of writing I like to do. This is important because I’ve just been feeling a bit run down (writingwise) recently. In a lot of my more recent posts, I’ve been saying that I don’t really like the parts I’m on, that I am unsure about the character interactions, blah, blah, blah. It was really only after I re-read a bunch of my own posts that I noticed the trend myself. I think that the main reason for all of this negativity is that I like to create when I write. I don’t like things staying in one place, I’m not too big on things that don’t give me something new to think about; I like to read, and write about new worlds and places.

Why is this an issue for me, you ask? Because, a very large section of the new Dreamstate book takes place in between the cities, and cultures, and places. There are very cool things in the text, don’t get me wrong, but the world is spread out. This is different than in the first book, where all the locations were within a few hours ride of one another. There were underground cities, fortress towers, stones of power, advanced technology of vanished civilizations—even the book itself was new (characters). Everything, at least to me, felt very fresh and exciting the whole time.

The new book has its moments, but it feels a bit spread out. I feel like a lot of the time I’m not really getting to write what I want to write—I’m sacrificing personal fun in favor of a potentially stronger plot (from a logical perspective). Everything makes a lot of sense in Dreamstate II, in regards to why outside forces are helping/harming one another; but it’s a lot more boring to write about people being rational than it is to write about false gods.

There is fun stuff filling the gaps, but the scenery doesn’t change as much as I’d like. I think, last week, that I’d said that I didn’t know what to do to the middle of the book to make it more exciting; but I may have just figured it out. I might have to mix up the world a bit, maybe the destinations will remain distant, but they’ll have more obstacles and odd sights in between. That might just add that little bit of something that I feel is missing from the story.

See, this is why it’s important to have a blog—you sometimes figure out how to fix your book as you’re complaining about it being unfixable.


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