Monday, 6 May 2013

Free Days and Fancy Reviews

Hey all,

There have been a few random updates over the past week. Releasing a book is always a bit hectic for me, especially when I’m dealing with new programs (kdp select). Once again, I’m terribly sorry if anyone popped over to Amazon on Saturday to try to get my book for free, only to find that it still cost money. I apparently have to book the day to be free in advance, and it gives me a 12-12, 24-hour thing. I can’t just pick and choose good times to start and end. It’s a little disappointing, but worse things have happened, I imagine.

So, I’m posting this at my usual late hour, but not due to me having not written it until late. I actually had enough time to write the rest of this post earlier in the week (and only partially because I became confused as to what day it was). The main reason is that I wanted to give a complete rundown of what I saw happen with From Ash on the free day. The time was theoretically supposed to start at midnight, but the fine print said that it could be a few hours late, both to start and end, which it was. My page updated some time around 3am, which is when I wandered off to bed. I’ve been checking it throughout the day, and somewhere around 100+ people have been logged as downloading it. I’m not sure how often the page updates, or how long it takes for a download to be recorded. For all I know, I could be looking at numbers from four hours ago (real sales take some time to update).

The most interest thing, for me, is that someone has already given me a review; 5-stars to boot. The hardest thing for me to get is people to look at my work. If I can land a few reviews, people are going to be a lot more willing to drop a dollar on the work (or even download it on free days). Hopefully this will be a bit of a snowball effect, where each time I launch a free day it’ll pick up more and more reviews, up to the point where it’s really charting and people are buying consistently. This could be a total pipe dream, but you never know, I was hardly expecting a review so quickly.

In other me writing news, I’ve been completely crashing and burning in regards to finishing everything that I want to finish each day. I think I might have burned myself out near the end of From Ash. I was doing that thing where I work an unlimited number (16?) of hours a day for a few days, and honestly, I just can’t keep that up without a bit of a break. So I’m taking it easy for a few days, and am feeling comfortable with half my normal word counts. It’s an easy number that I can get done pretty consistently as long as I just sit myself down and get to writing.

I’ve been thinking, depending on if the reviews start pouring in on From Ash or not, that I might start sending it out to some indie review blogs. Dreamstate: Dark Eyes is still in the ‘to be read’ queue for a few sites (but I really should send it out to more). It feels a bit strange to me that I’d have two separate books out, obviously hitting up different people, at the same time. I suppose that’s more due to the fact that I can get things done really quickly. As a single person team (give or take a few proofreaders) I’m a good deal more agile than the entirety of the publishing industry. Also, the fact that I’ve been told the wait could be up to three or four months for people to get to Dreamstate, it’s a little unsurprising that I’d be done with a second something before the first made it up online.


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