Thursday, 30 May 2013

(Not) Running Ragged

Hey all,

Last week I said that I thought I’d figured out how to change Dreamstate II for the better. Well, over the past few days I’ve been playing with it, and sure enough, things seem to be going a lot smoother for me. I’m enjoying writing new content again, and the book doesn’t feel like it has those long, dry periods where it just drags on and on. This is good, I hate when books drag, I assume most people do.

In other news, I’ve decided that once I finish this next Dreamstate book, I might take a bit of time to write some non-Dreamstate things. Now, let me explain why: I have a bit of a compulsion to finish everything that I start, even when that something is a rather lengthy book series. I’ve had a few moments already, though, where I end up thinking “You know… I really wish I’d had more time to write x or work on y instead of coming right back to the new Dreamstate.” It’s a little bit alarming to have these thoughts, especially when they’re random casual back of the mind murmurs.

I don’t want to ever get to the point where I don’t like my books. I doubt anyone wants to get to that point with anything they do. Although, I fear that if I force myself to get through the entire series with no breaks to do anything else (writing) I very well might want to quit. There are many authors out there who will do this; they plow through an entire ten (mine is five) book series and come out the other side happy as can be. They love their work and only stopped because the series had a nice end to it. On the other side of the spectrum are musicians who’ve had a hit song and have played it so many times (every night for the past ten years) that they refuse to listen to it ever again; I don’t want to be the latter.

I think one of the issues I’m facing is that it’s rather quite easy for me to come up with an idea for a book. Honestly, I have journals packed with fully plotted out stories—some of them even have a few pages written. The actual writing of the book, however, tends to take a couple months at least, and then there’s editing and whatever else I’d have to do with it. Also, I’m terrible at working on multiple projects at the same time, I get confused, and everything breaks. This starts to become a bit of an issue if I’m really feeling like I want to work on something else. For instance, I’ve wanted to go back and work on my angels and Heaven being overrun by demons book for some time. I’ve spent some time, and figured out what I didn’t like about the book when I wrote it the first few times (there were rewrites). The problem is, I have a bit less than half of another book to get through before I can even consider moving on to something else. To tie this in back to my original point—if I had to wait for this book and the other three in the Dreamstate series to be finished, I’d be rather annoyed. Waiting for years to do something that you could literally start at any time (but it would interfere with the rest of your work) is not a lifestyle that I want to get stuck into.

Anyways, to wrap everything up with a bit of a bow on top; I like writing my Dreamstate books, I want to keep liking and writing my Dreamstate books, but I think I might write one or two non-Dreamstate books in between each in the rest of the series. It’ll preserve my sanity and probably up the overall quality of the books themselves. See, in the long run I’m actually doing you all a favor by being extra slow to get to how things end.


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