Thursday, 23 May 2013

The Boring Bits

Hey all,

It’s been a hectic few days, (which is why this post is a bit short). My delightful girlfriend has landed a new job, and so we are moving! It’s not too far away, 45 minutes or so—not a super intense thing, but there’s all sorts of work to be done what with looking for new places and changing addresses. Anyways, I’ve been spending most of my time trying to figure all that out while still getting my writing done; busy, busy, busy.

Also, a friendly reminder, that the next free From Ash day on Amazon will be this Saturday, so if you missed it the first time around, now is the chance to get it again. It should switch over within a few hours of midnight on Saturday, and stay as such for the following 24 hours. This works across all of the Amazons, be it Canada, the UK, Germany, or whatever else they have.

A heads up: this post turned into a bit of me meandering through my own brain trying to work through an issue I’ve been having with my writing. There isn’t really a lesson being taught or solid topic that I stick to, but, if you’re interested in hearing me think, then read on.

In my own writing, I’ve been having a bit of a struggle reaching the next big bit of excitement. What I mean by that, is that there’s a bit of travel time in the middle of the book where the characters change locations. It’s by no means dull, but there’s a distinct lack of gods fighting one another; which I suppose in comparison, most everything seems a bit lackluster. Anyways, I’ve finally reached the part that I’m really excited about, and am pleased with where it’s going. The issue that I’m having, though, is that I don’t know if I like where it’s been.

My go to method is that if I think a part of my book is boring, then I have to assume the reader will think it’s boring as well—and so I change it. I did this with the start of the first Dreamstate book. I had a very slow, carefully written beginning to the book, but the general consensus was that it was a bit boring. I was a bit afraid that people would give up on the story before it had really started, and so I changed it. The result might not be exactly as I wanted, but everyone else seems a bit more happy with it, and so that’s the way that it stays.

The part that I’m working on right now, however, is a little bit different. I don’t know if I can really just change the middle of my book. I’ve thought about it, and without using some sort of magical machine (which makes no sense in the context of where they are) I don’t think I can move my characters from point A to point B without these scenes. It also gives a bit of time for real world events to play out without the readers being too antsy about getting back into the dream worlds. And when I say real world in the context of Dreamstate, I mean Earth—everything is real.

Anyways, I suppose what I’ll end up doing is giving it a once over at the end of things, and if I hate it, I’ll have to try something else. I might just end up giving it to my beta readers to get their opinions on the situation. Oftentimes I find others can give me a whole different type of insight into my story than I can—which, I suppose, is why I have other people read my work.


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