Monday, 1 July 2013

It’s Really, Really Hot

Hey all,

As the title would suggest, it’s about ten billion degrees in my apartment and everywhere else outside right now. This might be a short post, because frankly, this is the first time I turned on my computer today, and it’s acting like a giant heater. I dried clothes outside on my balcony today in the shade, in about 10 minutes. It’s hot, it’s gross, and the a/c unit is in the other room.

Anyways, in the writing world of me, I had another free From Ash day yesterday. It went as well as you’d expect. People downloaded the book, mostly from the US. No new reviews as of right now, but maybe one will pop up at some point in the future.

In the land of the second Dreamstate book, everything is going along much more nicely than it has been. I was having issues with the plot—how it was joining up near the middle/end and how it tied in to the real world. I had been feeling like, for some time, that the real world was a bit watery and meh; there was no substance to it. I wanted there to be something that the reader might find interesting, like in the first book. I didn’t want them to just be able to skip the chapters and not care in the least. I had tried, or had been trying, to tie both worlds directly together with the help of characters on both sides. There was going to be an important object, and people, and realizations made. But as of two days ago, I deleted it all.

It was really only a couple thousand words worth of content, but my life is a thousand times easier now. The real world tie in really wasn’t all that necessary, since I’ve come up with new, far more nimble methods of binding everything. The new ways aren’t entire plot lines, rather, they fit into the existing story; they aren’t just jammed in. The way it is now, there are a couple sub plots that mirror one another and follow the main story. Everything is streamlined, meshes nicely, and doesn’t get bogged down with a hundred extra people that we’ll probably never see again (because they were really just a one trick pony).

I’d been messing with the idea of lopping off a huge chunk of the plot for some time, and finally just did it. If I had hated the edits, I could have changed it back, but I haven’t and I won’t—it’s better now. As embarrassing as it is to say, I was practically able to cut out the parts of the ex-subplot without it impacting anything else. This, in my mind, really demonstrates how unnecessary it was in the first place. If you don’t notice it when it’s gone, it shouldn’t have been there in the first place. If I’d cut any other plot line out, I’d be putting a week of edits in just to straighten out all the loose ends.

Anyways, I’m might die of the heat stroke, but nonetheless, I wish ye all a happy Canada Day!


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