Thursday, 25 July 2013

More Edits and Popularity Spikes

Hey all,

I’m still editing. I lied in my last post when I said that I was nearly done—I really wasn’t. I thought I might be, but then realized how much stuff I’d circled with my red pen. So, yeah, still whacking away at that mess o’ text.

I was having a bit of trouble keeping everything straight with my edits, which was honestly half the problem that I was having while writing it too. There were issues with keeping certain events and people’s reactions to those events in line with one another. The way I have it now (pre-edit) everything is a bit more erratic than I like. The fixes I had started to put in weren’t really making it better. Sure, the grammar and structure was a bit tighter, but not in the abstract plot sort of way that I needed it to be. What I’ve done, as a reaction to this, is that I’ve just made a new ‘Bits I’m Fixing,’ document and filled it with every passage that I need to work on. This lets me edit the disjointed, but still connected, scenes without having to spin back and forth between pages to see exactly what I did with it before. It’s sped the process up (or at least made the process function correctly) just by putting everything physically close.

I’d only pasted the passages onto the same page because I kept getting distracted when I had finished one section and was getting ready to move onto the next. I’d have to find where I was in the printed copy, then flip through until I found the next bit, and then decide what I needed to do with it. It was too easy to wander off to check my email or eat something—progress was slow. Putting it all on one page was, originally, just to keep my easily distracted self in check; the resulting ease of tracking plotlines is just a plus. It’s the simple stuff that you might not necessarily think of that really helps out the most. I mean really, it only took me two or three years to figure out that if I put all of the parts that I’m trying to fix/align in one place that it might go faster—duh.

Also, I don’t know why, but From Ash seems to be picking up a bit of speed around the internet. I’ve sold more copies than I’ve expected and it’s been showing up on people’s Goodreads bookshelves. It’s kind of fun, because I can see when people add my books to stuff. Not even just when they give it a review, but just when they have it. It’s kind of exciting, and still utterly terrifying to know that there are strangers out there in the world reading something that I wrote right here. Also, Dreamstate: Dark Eyes appears to be picking up a bit as well—I’d imagine due to From Ash doing its thing. I really don’t know why exactly this is happening, but I’m not going to argue with it.

Also, it’s my Grandma’s 94th birthday tomorrow. She might not read this, but I’m sure someone will tell her its here. Happy Birthday!


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