Monday, 15 July 2013

New Perspective

Hey all,

I’ve been away for most of the weekend, so I don’t have any super new or exciting writing things to talk about with you today. And when I say writing, I mean new content that I’ve hammered out. I was out of the country, and was away from my computer.

While I didn’t get any new writing done, I did start to mess around with a little bit of editing. I did this because I’m greedy for attention—I think a lot of people that write are. I hope they are… or maybe I’m just needy and weird. All of that aside, I started editing because I really want someone to look at the work that I’ve done. I know I’m about three-quarters(ish) of the way done, but I can’t take it anymore, I really can’t.

I’ve been good up until now with keeping it to myself. I’ve barely talked about it here, and not at all to other people in the real world; not even my girlfriend. I really wanted to make sure that all of the ideas, and the plotlines, and the crazy that comes out of my head—I wanted to make sure that it was all mine. I’m under the impression that I’ve succeeded, and it’s a good feeling, it really is, but I’ve got to show someone.

By the time she (my lovely girlfriend) gets through the stuff that I want to her read, I’ll probably be nearly done with the rest of the book. I’m under the impression that she won’t influence the end, but even if she does speed-read through, I’ll make her keep her ideas to herself until I’ve finished. Really, I just want a bit of feedback that could fit under the categories of either ‘that was cool,’ or ‘o god… what have you done?’ I’d like to know if it’s the latter before I put in the rest of the time to finish it up—I probably would anyways, because I’m stubborn, but at least I’d be aware that I was creating a monster as I was doing it.

I lied at the start, I have a little bit of writing/editing to talk about. It’s mostly how weird it is to read back on stuff that I’ve written and realize how close I was to hitting the mark. A lot of the scenes I have are pretty good, they’re almost how I want them, but I’ve done something badly. Generally, I have a character acting stupid, or oblivious, or not themselves—these are reasonably easy to fix. Other times I have weird bits of nothing in the middle of a scene that ends up bogging it down. Nothing really happens during these parts, and they never resurface, and they have no real business being right there in the middle of my chapter, hogging up page space. These are a bit trickier to get rid of because I need to reweave the scene around it. I can’t have someone reference it a few pages later, because in their world, it no longer exists.

There are a couple larger plot-like lines that I’m tracking as well. I need to make sure they line up and that people are acting appropriately in accordance to where we are on those plot bits. It’s a lot easier to watch them when I’m doing the editing rather than when I’m writing. When I’m writing, it can take weeks to get to a place that I can read to in less than an hour—I see the changes happening a lot faster. For the most part, though, the book's probably 85% awesome, and I like that. I like reading through a scene and thinking ‘Yeah, this is pretty cool—I bet other people will think so too!’

Thoughts like those tend to be a large part of the reason I like to write. I get to share cool and weird stuff with other folk; stuff that no one but me has ever thought of.


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