Monday, 5 August 2013

A Short Post and a Book

Hey all,

I spent most of my weekend up the side of a cliff pulling sand out of a water tower tank, so, as you might imagine, it was not a very good writing environment. The rest of my time (that I didn’t spend up a bluff) was put to rather good use, and has been quite streamlined and just generally awesome. I’m at that last stage of writing where I have the remaining chapters outlined and set out. All of the details are in my journals, nothing new really needs to be thought up, and at this point I just have to put all of the pieces in place. Like I was saying last week, I really think that everything should be wrapped up by the end of the month.

Of course, once I’m done writing then I get to edit for a week or two, send it off to people to read, edit it again, send it off again, edit it, blahblahblah. Eventually, it’ll get to the point (probably a month or two after I’m first done) that people will get so tired of being asked to read it that I’ll have to consider the book done. I’ve usually gone over it five or eight times by that point, and hopefully I’ll be pleased with the result. That isn’t to say I have any real idea about when the finished product will be out on Amazon and whatnot—a few months is what I’m imagining right now, tentatively.

I’m not quite sure what I’ll do with the cover design yet. I imagine that I’ll default to something that looks similar to Dreamstate: Dark Eyes, or otherwise the series wouldn’t match in paperback. I really do hate when a series doesn’t look the same—it’s terribly grating on the eyes. The actual art on the cover, though… it’s undecided. I’ll make it a point of posting the graphics a bit before it goes through into the real printed form; maybe I’ll even ask for opinions like with From Ash. I’ll play it by ear.

This is a bit of a short post, and I do apologize—but everything is just going too well. When I have a terrible hard time writing, that’s when I have lots to talk about. When things go well, and the writing comes easy, there’s a lot less to go over. I generally use this blogging space as an area where I can talk my way through problems that I’m having, and come out the other side knowing what I need to do throughout the week; don’t need to do that today. It’s nice, but there’s a bit less to share than usual—oh well.


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