Monday, 19 August 2013

Ideas Come From the Strangest of Places

Hey all,

As the 3 Day Novel Contest begins to loom on the horizon, I’ve been putting more and more thought into what exactly I want to write. Last year, I had only heard about the contest a good three days before it started, and went into the thing wildly unprepared. It was an interesting experience, and by interesting I mean terrifying, but this time around I’d like to have a bit more ready. I’d like to know where my story is going to end, for instance—or the names of all of the characters. Creating these things on the fly does work, sort of, but I think there’d be less overall panic if I had a bit better of a timeline to follow.

I had mentioned for about half a second, a few weeks ago, that I had narrowed it down to two different story options; one a comedy, one a mystery. As of two days ago, I’ve trashed both those ideas, and am now writing something semi-horrorish. It’s going to be creepy, at the very least. I came up with the idea when I was attempting to make up a bedtime story to tell Charlotte after she demanded I do so. I ended up giving her nightmares and being told to ‘stoppit and go away.’ While I may have failed at my task of spur of the moment story telling, I sure came up with a cool character to base a short novel around. I won’t tell anyone any more until the contest is all well and done with, but I’ve settled in to a new idea, I’m happy with it, and am moving forward with an outline.

It’s fun to plan out a book from nothing again. When I was working with Dreamstate II (in the very early stages) I had a lot to go on already. I knew where things were heading, and I had a full roster of characters to fill out a fairly pre-exiting world. There were new things, of course, but the rules of the universe were more or less in place. With this new story, I can do anything, and often do so without really trying. It’s like the world in my head gets a little bit bigger on its own and I have to figure out how it fits into everything else. The best moments are when those bits fit into something bigger and more cool than any of the smaller pieces were alone (generally plot and stories). It’s the creation of a universe going on in the back of my head, and then scribbled down into a journal—what could possibly be better?

In other news, I’m hoping Dreamstate II is able to stick to its schedule. Or, more realistically, I hope I’m able to get the book done by the end of the month. I keep getting sidetracked while writing and fixing parts that probably don’t need to be fixed but really make me feel better about the finished project when they are fixed. I know that I probably shouldn’t rush getting the book done, but no one except for me is going to hold me to any sort of timetable. I’ll dawdle and drag my feet for months on end if I don’t force myself to really get into it and write. I’m coming up on the last hurrah, as they say, and am hoping that things work themselves out in the manner that I have them planned out. Realistically, though, it might be done a few days into September, but hey, that’s not too shabby—3 months or so to knock out a book.


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