Monday, 26 August 2013

Lost in Transitions

Hey all,

This might actually be a post about writing. My last few have been a bit more here and there, wander about, talk about whatever I’m thinking type posts. While I’m sure that listening to me ramble is always fun, this is also going to be fun, and much more on topic than usual.

So, I’ve been hammering away at Dreamstate II, and despite what I’d said earlier, I have no idea when this thing is going to be done. It just keeps on getting longer and longer. There’s a bunch of content that I think I’ll be able to cut out of the middle to shorten and tighten it up, but as of right now, it just keeps on growing. It is heading towards the conclusion, but it’s taking its own sweet time getting there.

One problem that I keep encountering (not related to the infinite amount of content I am able to conjure), is that I keep getting stuck on scene transitions. Once I’m into a scene, everything is great and I can just plow ahead like there’s no tomorrow. But there are times where I’ll sit for half a day writing and re-writing a transitioning paragraph/ sentence. I don’t know why this is going on, and once I nail the problem area, it works fine. It’s not like I end up with a half-assed version of what I want to be there; I’m happy with it.

Some of the places that I’m working with can be a bit tricky insofar as time jumps are concerned. I need to make sure that everything lines up, or that I’m not skipping over something that needs to happen but won’t if we jump a day or two. That takes no more than a few minutes going through my journal to double check. No, my problem seems to be that I’m having trouble writing scenes that don’t jar the reader’s perspective too hard. One thing is winding down and I want to segue into another, but if I do it too quickly, it feels forced and a bit like the story is lost. I don’t want the reader having to reorient themselves every time the world changes place; (this happens a lot in a book about dream worlds, as you might imagine). On the other hand, if I change over too slowly, then the scene tends to drag, and the last thing I need at this point is to drag things out even more than they already are.

I’m not sure why I’ve broken. I’ve never really had an issue with this before, even in the earlier half of Dreamstate II. It might be a new element that I’ve added which sort of… manipulates things. Actually, thinking on it, yes, that’s probably exactly why I’m having issues. Single step transitions are one thing, but when it gets more complicated than that, things can feel a bit rushed. I’ll need to keep that in mind as something to look for while I’m doing my edits. Ha! See how useful these blog postings can be? I can solve all of my problems just by chatting it out with all of you fine folk.

Oh, also, in one week I’m going to be hammering away at the tail end of my 3 Day Novel entry. I’ll have written up a post about something entirely unrelated beforehand, but if in my insanity I am a bit late (or just entirely forget) to upload the post on Monday, please do forgive me.


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