Monday, 12 August 2013

Opinions and Amazon

Hey all,

This is a rather unrelated sequence of paragraphs about things that have nothing to do with one another. Think of them as tiny snippits of things that are dancing through my brain currently and throughout the past week. They’re interesting, but standalone—enjoy!

I’m finally starting to get a bit of feedback from Charlotte and her thoughts on my first bit of Dreamstate II. There has been a bit of confusion in certain places that I figured would confuse people (but hoped they wouldn’t) and amusement over the more exciting aspects. I had to warn her that the book gets weird and the keeps getting weirder. I suppose this is the first time that all of you are hearing that it’ll be a weird book too. Well, heads up, while the first Dreamstate was pretty static in the way that it moved along, the second Dreamstate is anything but. I think its fun, and a bit more complex (while not being too dense). You’ll like it, I hope.

Neil Gaiman, by the way, was excellent. He read to us, answered some questions and told some stories, and then read to us some more, from a different book. It was a lot like the Google Talk that I’d posted a week or two back, but better, because it was real. We picked up a signed copy of his new book, and from what I’ve read (and what he read), it’s very, very good. We didn’t stick around for the actual signing of other books, though. Apparently, it could have very well lasted until about three in the morning, and it was only about 8pm, and we were hungry. It was mostly the chance to see him talk and read that I was excited about, so all in all it was great.

I only just realized yesterday that From Ash is still enrolled in Amazon KDP, so I’ll need to set up some free days in the next bit of time. I get five free ones, and probably only about two months left on the next three month segment of KDP Select… so they might be in fairly rapid succession. An interesting side note about free books on Amazon. I noticed that in just one day I can get a book to spike pretty far up the “popular” lists, and even the free book lists. The problem is, when the free time ends, they slide back down to where they were before, until the next free day. What I was wondering, is if I let it go for two days in a row, would the free-ness continue on and super boost my book in the charts? I’m not sure either, but I might give it a go to see what happens. It could be a bit of a cheap trick, and potentially fail in the most spectacular of ways, but, if it shoots up the charts, it very well might get a bit more attention and later sales. Dreamstate: Dark Eyes might even get a bit of a boost. It’s worth a shot, I suppose.

In other news, I still haven’t fully settled on an idea for the 3 Day Novel Contest yet. I’ve narrowed it down to two stories, one of which I came up with almost a year ago (but never told anyone about) and one I’ve been telling everyone about. The latter story is more of a comedy, and I was relatively certain that I would be going with it, but the closer the competition gets, the less sure I am. I might make two outlines and see which one I prefer—I have a bit of time left, after all. That’s sort of the thing about writing, though, some days you’re stuck for new ideas and other times you’ve got two stories (narrowed down from about thirty) but only one contest to enter them in. That’s life, I suppose.


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