Thursday, 1 August 2013

Ramblings and Neil Gaiman

Hey all,

It’s really, really late, because I forgot to write this post until right now, as I was about to go to bed. Not that I don’t have stuff to talk about, because I do, it’s just that there might be some weird grammatical errors that go down in this post, and I wanted to give you the heads up now, rather than later.

Right, so, Dreamstate II—I’ve finished the stuff that I wanted to edit and have gotten back into writing again. I always feel a bit lost when I jump back into creating new content, even if I’ve only been doing something else for a few days. I have to go back and re-read everything that’s happened in the last few chapters or I really just don’t know where I’m going. It took an hour or so, but I got through that, and now things are cruising along quite nicely. With any luck I should be done with a first draft of the book before the end of August. This book has taken a good bit longer than the other’s I’ve written in the past. For a while there in the middle it was being a real pain; fortunately, I’ve straightened all of that out. I know where the end of the book is going, I know how all the twists and turns are going to work themselves out, and I know what all of the characters are going to do and why. Unless I go totally insane and decide there needs to be something massive and entirely new—it should be smooth sailing.

Hopefully, due to the amount of work I just pumped into the first three-quarters of my book, the final editing process will be a lot easier than it has been in the past. Generally, from what I’ve experienced, the faster I get through a book, the more editing I’m going to have to do later on. Dreamstate II has been so slow and obnoxious, that I’m rather hopeful there won’t be a super ton of big content fixes that I’ll need to make. There will, obviously, be the grammatical/typo stuff, but there’s nothing to be done about that—that kind of evil is always there, lurking.

In an entirely unrelated twist of events, Charlotte will be away to the UK while I’m doing the 3 Day Novel Contest this year. It should be a strange change of events, especially considering she was the reason that I ate food last year. I’d get so into the writing that six hours would pass and I’d have not moved—she was the reason that I’d get up and eat and not die. If, during my live tweet of the contest, I start musing about not eating on twitter and then go uncharacteristically quiet, send help.

As a final bit, I’m attaching this video of Neil Gaiman. I’m under the impression that this is what I’m seeing in a week, so I haven’t watched it all the way through, lest I ruin the fun. Enjoy!


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