Monday, 16 September 2013

Done Soon—I Hope

Hey all,

Vancouver (White Rock) has had the strangest weather over the past week or so. A few of the days it’s been so hot that I haven’t even wanted to turn on my computer, let alone walk to the gym. Other days, like today, have been cold, rainy, and filled with thunder. I don’t know what’s going on out there, but it looks like the world might finally be shifting towards a real autumn.

In writing news, the title of today’s post is referring to the second Dreamstate book which has been ‘almost done’ for about a month and a half now. I kept thinking I was doing well, then something would come up and I’d be stuck all over again. It’s been a bumpy road, to say the least. I’ve finally slid past the 80k word mark, and with any luck should be done somewhere just above 90k words. I don’t really want it to get too much longer than that, for the time being. I’ve actually been hitting my word counts for the past week, and so while hesitant to say that this might be the final stretch, it really might this time. With any luck I should be editing my rough draft just inside of two weeks and then dealing with some cover art while other folk give what I have a read through.

I’m not sure if I’ve talked about this before, but I think this time through (editing) I’m going to just rewrite the whole book. What I mean by that is that I’ll take the original copy, set it up next to a blank document, and start writing down what I already have. This will really, really force me to actually read the words on the page instead of just skimming over them. I find that if I edit for too long, I stop reading and just let my eyes skip across huge swaths of text without processing a single bit. This might backfire on me in a terrible sort of way, but on the other hand it could really improve my ability to find all twenty billion errors that live in a first draft; always worth a try.

So, on a couple of those days where I didn’t want to turn on my computer because it was so hot, I started messing around with another story of mine. It’s the one about the angels and whatnot that I was working on for a bit before I started into Dreamstate II. I rewrote the whole thing once, because I found out that it was actually a comedy, not a fantasy book. I was starting to have issues again when I switched over to Dreamstate, and I think I’ve figured out why. I was trying to fit that old fantasy frame into a comedy skin, when really, I should have scrapped the whole project and started from ground up—which is exactly what I’m doing this time around. As soon as Dreamstate II is off to other folk, I want to start into my angel book from a whole new angle. I might even post a chapter or two here on the blog if I like where it’s going (and people can send me feedback yay). It won’t be happening for a while, but I’ll make sure to give everyone a heads up when I get near to finished with something that I might like to post; it’ll be fun.


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