Monday, 9 September 2013

First Read

Hey all,

So I finally got around to reading what I’d written for the 3 Day Novel contest. By read, I mean that I worked my way through the first couple chapters before having to stop and find something else to do. I’m always a bit apprehensive about reading something that I’ve written so quickly. There’s bound to be errors, and lots of them, and I’m not allowed to edit. I don’t think I actually read From Ash until I’d heard back from the contest folk about the end results. I really don’t like when my writing is messy—and the only thing I hate worse is when other people get to see my messy writing.

I’ve never been that great about showing people things that I’m working on. Even when I ‘show’ them my work, it’s really just a section that I’ve gone over four or five times. Sometimes it’s more raw than I’d like, but honestly, I’m rarely happy with a finished product. I fully intend at some point in the future to release a full five set of the Dreamstate books with a complete revision to fix everything that annoys me. If I didn’t do that, I’d probably end up putting out a new edition every few months, and really, who has time for that?

I haven’t actually done all that much writing this week, sad to say. I’ve fiddled with some basic editing of Dreamstate, but nothing to do with new content. I know what I’m going to write, just every time I try the words get all muddled. Even writing up this post is a bit difficult—far more difficult than it usually is. I’d imagine that it has something to do with the contest last weekend and the fact that I’ve felt tired all week. Come to think of it, those two things might be related— I didn’t really sleep last weekend. I’ll get back into the swing of things tomorrow; I feel the urge to be creative.

This is a bit of a short post, but the last one was fairly long and had pictures, so I hope that makes up for it. I’d normally have more writing to talk about, but since I haven’t written, I don’t. I’ll be more interesting on Thursday, I promise.


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