Thursday, 5 September 2013

Free Days (Again) and 3 Days of Insanity

Hey all,

So, just to get it out of the way, I wanted to post the picture of the free days on Amazon that I’ve set From Ash to go off on. It’s pretty straight forward, and I’ll make a point of reminding everyone when each day is about to come about. As you can see, one of the promotions is actually two days long. I had talked about this earlier, and said that I wanted to see what it would do to the book’s chart positions based on the way that Amazon ranks stuff (being recently popular is a factor). It might be a total waste of a free day, but we’ll see what happens—my guess is nothing too crazy.

Anyways, onto the real meat of the post—the 3 Day novel contest. I’d posted my last blog write-up during the actual contest. I was in the middle of taking a break somewhere around 2am, I think, and remembered to throw it up. It was a bit short, but most of it was written an hour before the contest started, and the rest while my brain was unraveling.

The contest started off pretty well, actually. I think, in the first 24 hours, I hit something like 12,000 words. This is a lot—I normally aim for about 2,000 a day, which is considered somewhere in the high end for most people (according to what I’ve seen on the internet). The following day I think I did 8,000, and then another 3,000 on the final day. I took some time to edit what I’d written on that last day, which is why the word count is substantially lower. The book ended up being right around 22,500 words. That’s fairly average, I believe, or it was according to last years results. They always say that the average is about 100 pages double spaced, but I’ve never hit that number before, even when I shoot way past the average word count; either, I write incredibly dense text, or someone is lying to me—it might possibly be both. A side note—one fellow that I saw on twitter had hit 35,000+ words (20,000 his first day). I don’t understand how people can write like that, but props to him and anyone else that can hammer content out that quickly—I’m jealous.

During the contest itself, I was doing pretty well mentally until the very last day. I don’t quite know what happened, but when I woke up on day three it was like my brain had turned into melted butter and tv static. I couldn’t do a darn thing, writing included. I had a very half conscious Skype conversation with my parents, to which they commented that I appeared stoned (on language). I was equally as useless elsewhere, like when I was trying to order food from the Thai restaurant down the road; eventually the poor woman figured out what I was trying to ask for. Also, one thing that I had forgotten about was that my hands start to hurt near the end of the contest. They’re going so full tilt the entire time typing that the muscles start to freeze up and get dumb. It only took a day off to get them back into fighting shape, but man, my hands were really, really sore by the time I ended the book.

I’ve yet to submit the manuscript, but I have until the 13th. It’s mostly because I can’t bring myself to look at it anymore—possibly at some point during the weekend I’ll get around to it. This blog post is actually the first thing I’ve written in two days. I might try to knock out some Dreamstate tomorrow, but no promises. I fit two weeks worth of writing into three days, and am still feeling the mental brunt of it all.


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