Monday, 23 September 2013

Middle of the Road

Hey all,

It’s been a bit of a slow half-week for me. Writing has been fine; not well enough to have awesome stories, but not terrible enough to provide war stories. It’s been a very middle of the road sort of time. My most exciting moment was waking up the other day and realizing that I had very much overdone it at the gym. Walking has become somewhat difficult and so I’ve spent much of the weekend not moving about—sitting still and recovering is a far better plan. I did go back to the gym today, but only because Charlotte demanded it (legs were not utilized).

So, in the writing world, my two day book giveaway shindig is now over. All of the numbers aren’t in yet, as of writing this, but I’m rather certain that more than one day in a row isn’t really worth it. There may have been some event going on this weekend that I’m not aware of that stole readers away, but the second day seems to have been very lacking in free downloads. Sales are doing the usual jump that goes on after a free day, though, so that’s nice.

There’s not too much to report on the writing front other than it’s coming along and nothing terrible nor amazing has happened. The complete narration chapter has been broken up a bit with some scenes of character interaction. There were a few places that didn’t really have the right emotional resonance without the people doing the speaking. Hearing it from the omnipotent voice gave a bit too much disconnect from the story. I figure that if I’m reading it and don’t really care that something is going on, anyone else reading the story won’t either. There’s something about having the characters (even though I’m writing everything) act things out that draws you (me) in more than just being told what’s happened.

Speaking of Amazon, I was looking at their top selling Ebooks and freEbooks (see what I did there?) and noticed that just about 90% of them were romance novels. This got me thinking that I really should buckle down and finish up my joke of a romance novel once I’m done with Dreamstate II. It’s not really a serious book, and I fully intend to release it secretly under a pen name, but maybe it’ll be my path to success. I think I’ve mentioned it a few times before (early on) in this blog. It very well might never become anything, but I think I’d like to get it out there before someone accidentally steals my super sexy (not really) paranormal romance twist. Honestly, it’s more of a comedy than anything else, but I think Amazon would have me market it as a romance novel so the more awkwardly risqué elements don’t scar unsuspecting readers.


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