Thursday, 26 September 2013

Stuck + Late Nights

Hey all,

So, as the title suggests, it’s really, really late right now as I’m writing this post. It’s probably going to be on the shorter side of things, but I sort of lost track of time working on Dreamstate II. I think I might have managed to find a workaround for a part of the book that I’ve been stuck on for some time—it’s just unfortunate that it had to happen at 3 in the morning.

Anyways, I’ve been hammering away at this one point in Dreamstate II for the better part of the past couple days. At first it was like hitting a brick wall—what I had planned was no where near as easy to execute as I had thought. I wrote, deleted, and rewrote everything about 4 times over and it never came out how I wanted. A lot of the characters were acting in ways that seemed forced. It was like I was pushing them to do something that they normally wouldn’t do (or didn’t make sense given the circumstances). I hate when things feel off like that in other books, and especially in my own. I needed to make it so everyone did what made sense, but those things also had to be what I wanted them to do; more or less I needed to rearrange the world around them.

What I ended up doing today was breaking down the part I was stuck on into sections and started writing it out of order. I normally don’t do this because I feel like the bits I write don’t always line up. On the other hand, I normally don’t have chapter so meticulously planned out, and so I think it’s coming together a bit better than it usually does. The most interesting part of this, for me as a writer, is that I can take the bits and rearrange them into new patterns really easily. I found that when I moved one part earlier, it made Daniel’s reactions to a later part make far more sense.  The various sections were easy to move about, which is something that I’m really not used to being able to do.

I think also I was having an issue seeing the small picture. Normally people get hung up on the details, but I tend to get hung up on the large, sweeping canvas of the story and let a lot of the smaller bits fall into place on their own. This was one of the few times that I really had to dive into the nitty-gritty details to make sure that everything fit together perfectly. It’s not really my favorite style of writing (I tend to do it in later edits), but sometimes it’s the only way to power through a tough section; there’s a time and a place for every method, I suppose.

Longer post on Monday, I promise!


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