Monday, 14 October 2013

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

Hey all,

It’s Canadian Thanksgiving, which for the most part means that I will/ have eaten too much food. It’s not the biggest holiday around these parts, but it’s about the time of year that I notice fall falling. I like the cold end of the year; I think the fallen leaves and icy air tend to blend well with huddling inside and spending my day writing. I’m sure I’d feel much differently if I had to be outside—but from the behind the warm safety of a window I can watch the seasons change.

I’ve been cruising along with Dreamstate II, much in the same way that I was last time I posted. The hard part is done, and the end is wrapping up nicely. I unfortunately don’t have anything all that exciting to talk about with that project. It seems that I have so many more stories when things have gone terribly awry. Life is so much more boring if everything is going well enough.

In other news, I believe that I’ve started to write a horror story, but only at night. I’m not sure if anything is really going to come of this book, but it does have its own folder on my computer (which makes it more real than not). I started poking away at the most rough of concepts one night at about 2am when I’d accidentally drunk caffeinated tea instead of decaf. I didn’t want to (or couldn’t) go to bed, and I was bored of working on Dreamstate II. Games and Netflix also seemed a bit bleh at that particular moment, so I took it upon myself to write. It seems to be coming along quite slowly, but that’s fine, because there’s not really any rush. I don’t like working on it during the day, for whatever reason. My theory is that if the tone of the book is dark and moody, then the world outside should be exactly the same; the happy(ish) book during the day and the unhappy book at night. It also creates a very nice divide between the two novels, so I can keep them separate (in my head); but also it lets me mix it up a little bit and not get bored with one project.

Working on the second book isn’t slowing down Dreamstate II at all, since I only get to it very late at night after I’m done with the first. This means that the horror story won’t be moving along all that fast, but like I said above, that’s quite alright. I’ll get more details about it up on here once I figure all of those things out myself.

This post is a bit short, but I think it’s quite dense, so I’ll leave you at that.


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