Monday, 7 October 2013

Walks and Rain

Hey all,

It’s been raining a lot over the past while. It was pretty nice yesterday, though, and I went for a walk around downtown after having lunch with a couple friends. I think part of my writing problem, as of late, is in part due to the fact that there’s been no sunlight and I’ve rarely been able to go on walks. I rather like going for a walk in the evening—I think it helps clear my head a bit from a day filled with work. Oftentimes I’ll even get a few extra thoughts in order to filter into my writing later in the evening. For the most part I’ve been getting those walk times in when I head out to the gym (and back), but it’s been really quite cold and pouring rain—so we’ve stuck to driving. From now on, though, I think I might go back to walking unless it’s truly a torrential downpour; we can always take umbrellas if its not too windy.

The books are scooting along as well as can be expected. I’m still nearly done with the terrible patch in Dreamstate II (I didn’t get too much done over the weekend). In the meantime, I’ve started to play around a little bit with the start of a couple new books for fun. I don’t know if I’m quite ready to talk about them yet, because I’m not too sure which ones are going to survive and become something real. A lot of my stuff sort of ends up as back of the drawer content that I may or may not look at later on.

Anyways, back on the topic of my current project: Right now I’m pretty certain that I’m going to get the second Dreamstate book done before my visa stuff comes though. This, as I mentioned last time, is annoying, but I suppose that it takes a little bit of the pressure off. I can take the time that I need to get things done and I don’t have to worry about failing self set deadlines (because I don’t set them right now). I’d like it to be done soon, but unfortunately I’m not super in charge of that. Of the parts that I am in charge of, I think that everything in the end of the book should line up perfectly well as soon as I get done with the part I’m on—it’ll be a week tops after all this nonsense.

Short post, been raining, more later;


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