Thursday, 28 November 2013

Pleased and Annoyed

Hey all,

I spent much of tonight (last night) at the Vancouver Christmas Market. It was a rather nice break from the usual humdrum of a Wednesday evening. Charlotte and I figured that since we had the day off from the gym, that we might as well check out the festivities. We bought some Christmas themed candy and drank mulled wine and used our free tickets for the merry-go-round. I rode on a small pink and blue horse sized for children; there were only a few seats left, but I believe I rode it fiercely.

In terms of writing, I’ve actually been making headway on my Dreamstate stuff. I’ve managed to pull myself away from the middle of the text and am back at the end. I’ve noticed, though, that pretty much everything from earlier in the book is all coming together at this point and that each scene is getting progressively more complex than the last. There’s a part of me that really likes this because it means all of the subplots and loose ends are coming together—but man is it a pain to work with.

There are a number of parts in a book that I can pretty much write anything and as long as I like it, it makes sense with the story, and it serves a purpose then great, it can stay. What happens at the end is that every single bit of each scene needs to point back to something earlier and make sense in the context of the whole novel. I can’t just have the section head towards X place in the plot willy-nilly, rather, it needs to have twenty different (specific) points heading to X place. I find that when dealing with bits like this, I need to have a lot more finesse with my writing or things just fall apart.

I’m sure that I could get away with not really working everything in, but then it would be lackluster, and I know I can do better than that. There’s a bit of a dance to it, where I need to make sure that everything I’ve talked about is making a return in some way, but it has to be subtle (yet recognizable). I can’t just shout ‘Hey look! This is that thing that happened on page 156, remember!?’ I mean, I suppose I could, but that would be stupid. Anyways, as the title suggests, these tricky parts can be incredibly frustrating to muddle through, but when I get one done just right it’s super awesome. I guess that’s like most anything though; finishing something complicated makes it all the more exciting when it’s done well.


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