Monday, 18 November 2013


Hey all,

Nothing super new in the world of my books since the last post that I put up here. Like I said last week, I don’t get to talk about Amazon specials and free days and all that now that I can’t really publish anything new (I think). I’m still working at Dreamstate II and the horror book in equal parts; I find switching back and forth helps to ward off feeling like my work is getting dull. To clarify, I mean that the work is boring to me, rather than the actual content is boring. This phenomenon is actually what I wanted to chat about today.

There are times for me, especially near the end of a book when I find it really hard to be motivated to get out the full word counts. My mind likes to wander and I become a lot more apt to let it roam free when I get into these grooves. It’s not that I find the work inherently boring, because a lot of the time I’m nearing in on, or actually working with some of the most exciting/ wrap up moments in the whole novel—it’s that I find the act of writing a bit tiresome. I’m sure it’s because I’m near the end of a project and I’ve run through the details of the story ten billion times over. I also tend to become aware of the fact that I’m really only about halfway done messing with the story because all of the bits that I want to change around in the first few rounds of edits become more and more clear (and I have to start taking notes on them). It gets to be a bit tiring looking back at everything I’ve done and knowing that I have a lot more work to do, none of which being the more fun creative moments.

I have found, though, that mixing up my projects a little bit really does help me stick to what I’m doing. If I cut the word counts a bit, but make up the extra by working on a separate story, I feel like I’m getting just as much work done (overall) and I’m not stuck in the same world day in and day out. I think I’ve said before that I don’t want to end up hating the Dreamstate worlds, and I stand by that. I want to keep loving the worlds that I create and that means not feeling like I’m trapped until I force out the ending of a story. By mixing up the manuscripts, I can play around in different universes while still producing content for the first. I think it helps relax my brain and keeps me just a little bit more sane around the tail end of a project. With any luck, it’ll also make for far stronger endings to all the stuff I write.


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