Monday, 9 December 2013

Computer Why?

Hey all,

I didn’t get all that much writing done this weekend, mostly due to my computer going off the deep end. Fear not, I managed to get everything sorted out with a bit of fiddling and a system restore, but it took a while to even get to that point. Long story short is that this post might be a wee bit on the light side of things, seeing as I did less than expected. I suppose I could talk about all ten million things I tried to make my machine work, but that’s probably not what you want to hear.

Anyways, of the stuff that I did manage to write, I’ve noticed that overwhelming worry that everything I do is terrible start to creep up on me. It happens near the end of books, the thought that everything I’ve done might be horrid. I think in some small way it forces me to triple check everything I write for a certain good/cool factor that I might otherwise overlook. Sometimes things seem like a really great idea, until later when I go back and think ‘this is just kind of… dumb.’ At times I overreach a little bit in where the fanciful lines of the universe are—I forget to fall back my rule where everything must have a purpose. Unnecessary ‘cool’ things that never show up again and serve no specific purpose need to be purged. I envision I’m going to find a lot of things like that when I delve back into the earlier sections of the book where I was a bit more fancy-free with throwing in anything that popped into my headparts.

In other news, I heard from the 3 Day Novel folk—apparently the judging is taking a bit longer than they expected, and so we won’t be hearing the results until some time in February. That’s alright, though, since that’s pretty much what happened last year too.

Also, one last unrelated to anything note: I googled myself the other night. Or, more specifically, I googled my website to see what would pop up. Apparently, there are quite a few blogs out there that have posted links to my books on Amazon that I didn’t know about—which is cool. Most of them are a bit old, but seeing as I haven’t put anything out since February(?) it makes sense. Maybe they’ll be all atwitter with the new Dreamstate when it shows up too.


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