Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Holiday Lazy

Hey all,

This post will be on the shorter side of things, seeing as I've spent most of my last few days traveling about and interacting with other humans. I can be far more productive when I cloister myself away in my room and refuse to go outside during daylight hours.

I've been given quite the load of new books for Xmas, which is super exciting. Soon enough I'll start burning my way though that pile of words and hopefully pick up a few new tricks for my own work. Also, with any luck I'll have a spare moment or two in the next couple days to get a little bit of writing or cover art sketching in. There aren't any official holidays coming up, and so my social responsibilities are limited enough that I can be strange and hide away somewhere to write. I've tried to write with people around before, and if they talk my brain starts to listen rather than work. I really do wish I could multitask in such a manner, but I'm bad at it, so I don't try anymore. This time of year does tend to be great for seeing people, but a bit tough to keep up the work schedule during, oh well.

I hope everyone had a happy holidays and are planning for an even happier New Year.


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