Monday, 27 January 2014

Free Days and Drawing Pictures

Hey all,

I decided that it would just be easier to include the picture for the free From Ash days in this post, rather than making something separate. This way no one will accidentally miss the update, and it’ll make it much easier for me to remember (and check) the free days for reminders.

Amazon, it seems, has changed the way that you go about setting up free days for books. I think it’s because they’ve put in all sorts of other fancy promotional tools for the KDP Select stuff, but it sure does slow things down. In the past, I used to be able to set up all the days at once, but now I have to do it one at a time, saving and reloading back in after each session entry. I suppose it only adds a few minutes onto the task overall, but it’s annoying when it worked so well before—blech.

So, I’ve spent most of my weekend drawing rather than writing. I decided to take a couple days off writing and focus on really nailing down the images both inside the text and on the cover (outside the text). As a quick side note, I do like to draw things that are in the books before I really stick with them, just so I can see how they look outside my head. Mostly this is just down to animals, symbols, flags, and cities—not so much characters or general landscapes. I’m really not good at drawing at all, so, more often than not the drawings are just crude versions of what I describe, but they do help me remember the smaller details when I go over them again later.

Anyways, I spent most of my time doing the drawings (and really none of it with the actual writing). I really want to make sure the world is consistent and just how I want it before I commit to editing things. It might seem strange to an outside observer to be doing this right now, rather than before I started writing, but back then I didn’t really know everything that would be going into the world. Sometimes I start with one design, but by the end of the story I have a better whatever planned out, and so I have to go back to the start and make it all align. Right now I’m just drawing out my final plans so that everything looks as it should and stays consistent throughout the story.


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