Thursday, 23 January 2014

General Writing Stuff

Hey all,

How’s it going? I’ve been having a rather dull week—or maybe I should say that it’s just uneventful. Writing is fun, but not all that exciting at times. I’ve mostly been finishing up the very end of the story so that it comes out just how I want it to be. I have also been dropping back to the early parts of the story that I want to tweak around. I’m doing this now because I know that when I do a full edit I’m going to have to re-hit those sections as far as grammar and general typos go, so might as well have it how I want it (plot-wise) before the nitpicking starts.

I’m not sure that there’s all that much I can talk about, as far as specifics go, without giving away huge chunks of the plot. I’m messing with a fair number of cornerstone moments in the story, to make sure that they line up perfectly. These are the super important scenes that really push the plot forward. I’ve found that a few of them are a bit… unclear? I have a habit of trying to compress too many ideas into one event, and everything comes out all muddled. By going over them again and splitting things up a little bit the scenes end up a lot more clear, for both the reader and myself.

I do have the habit, at times, of writing things in a way that even when I go back to double check them, I have no idea what I was trying to say. It does all tend to make sense after I look things up in my journal, but for everyone else that doesn’t happen to have my personal stash of notes, it’s a good thing that I untangle everything now. A lot of this comes about from those moments where I get a bit too excited about what I’m writing and end up with half-complete thoughts. They’re pretty easy to catch, though, and so far haven’t snuck through to the final versions.

There are a ton of things that I really, really want to talk about with everyone, but can’t until the book comes out. It should be in full bore editing phases soon, and so a bit more info will be out at that point, but until the full thing drops (and a few weeks pass) I’ll keep the spoilers to an absolute minimum.

Oh, also, I totally spaced on setting up the free From Ash days, totally sorry about that. I’ll make sure to do it in the next day or two and send out a non-official blog post about it.


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