Monday, 6 January 2014

Pre-edits and Stress

Hey all,

As promised, I actually have things to talk about today. This is mostly due to the fact that I’ve been writing and messing around with my book. The messing around is what I’m gong to chat about for a fair amount of the post, because it is what’s giving me an unholy amount of stress. Oh, also, my visa came, so I can publish things again and shout about myself all over the internet. This is good because it means that Dreamstate II will be out as soon as I get done with it (whenever that may be).

So after I did some actual content writing this afternoon, I went back to read a few earlier sections that I was fairly certain I wanted to change. They coordinated with what I’d been writing in the latter bit of the book, and so I was just making sure that everything was going to line up when I started hacking out mid-bits and replacing it with new stuff. Now, I’m keeping pretty strict lists and notes of everything that I want to change—a lot of it is just straight highlighted in the text to make super sure that I don’t forget about it. Still though, the sheer amount of changes that I want to put into this book is starting to make me pretty nervous.

I’m sure partially the reason the changes seem so large is that the book is longer than anything else I’ve ever written, and a lot of content was just dead-end stuff that I was going to chop out. But there are still quite a few scenes where at the time what I wrote worked with how the book was moving along, but due to artistic decisions I made later on, don’t really fit anymore. They make sense, in an abstract sort of way, but they don’t really line up, and they aren’t anywhere near the quality that I want in my book. They’re well written and all that, they just don’t belong in the series of events that lead to the end of the story. Either they feed a bit of useless info into the text, or they’re entirely off tone (too light hearted or too dark for where it needs to be). It’s mostly random bits that just don’t connect in the way that I need them too. It’s a little unnerving to know that I’m going to have to spend however million hours fixing all of this stuff up, but at least I recognize that they need to be changed. I suppose that I’d be a lot more concerned if I thought the book was ‘meh,’ but I didn’t have any idea what to do with it all. I’ll be starting in on all that soon(ish), so wish me luck.

Also, if anyone else is dying of the plague-flu, my sympathies to you. I’ve recovered, but Charlotte is being hit worse than ever. Stay well, get some rest, and don’t cough yourselves to death—it gets better.


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