Monday, 20 January 2014


Hey all,

So, life is still predominantly filled with trying to figure out the best way to coordinate government voodoo, but there might be a bright light at the end of the tunnel. With any real luck I’ll be back to waiting and hanging out within a couple weeks—no more of this actively seeking out and calling people only to be told ‘dunno try someone else.’

Writing has been decent, in spite of the chaos of the rest of the life. This weekend I set aside a chunk of time to go absolutely crazy on an early bit of the text that’s been bothering me since I first wrote it. I very well might have mentioned it before—but more or less it’s a large bit of the first chapter that has no business being in my book. The stuff I talked about never resurfaced and served little point other than wasting a good few pages of otherwise very nice text and possibly confusing the reader base. It was a bit of a… it wasn’t the most straight forward of scenes. I think everyone, myself included, will be happier with it gone. I’ll have to come up with something new and a good deal more lithe to fill the gap, which could be interesting.

I haven’t quite got around to filling in the missing bits (it’s just marked as of now), but I have a few ideas as to what I’m going to do. I felt a bit rushed in the latter half of the chapter, and so if I just push everything that’s left forward and extend out the end a bit more, life should be better. The title of this blog post refers to what I did to the early section of the book, and will probably be used more than a few more times during my full editing. Dreamstate II is massive and really does need to be hacked down to size.

Oh, also, I’d totally forgotten about it during my ‘No Working’ time, but free books on Amazon. I’m going to kick off another session soon—I’ll make a point of posting an image of when those days will be. It should be the same old thing as always, where the books will be free for a full 24-hours on the designated day. Generally there’s a couple weeks in between each free day, so if you miss it once it’ll be up again soon, no worries there.


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