Thursday, 13 February 2014

I'll Just Skip Ahead

Hey all,

It’s a raining here, which is a nice change from how it’s been for the past few weeks. That’s very Pacific Northwesty of me to say, but the dry-cold-bleh weather we’ve been having is far worse. I do hate being cold, especially when a wind is involved, but a bit of rain never hurt anyone. I suppose it would have hurt the Wicked Witch of the West—which on a completely off tangent topic: it’s always bothered me that someone could amass so much power all while having such a glaring weakness to water. It would mean that it never rains in Oz, or that she has just been ludicrously careful her entire life—it just seems a little bit far fetched.

In non-Oz, more me topics, I’ve spent the past couple days stuck on a small scene in my book. It’s right at the end, and I just can’t quite get the wording right. Every time I set it up the characters always come off as a bit… plastic? I don’t know if that’s the right word to describe it, but they’re dealing with a pretty sensitive topic, and for the life of me I can’t make them sound concerned without them becoming actors on a bad soap opera—so they come off as very flat. It is probably because one of the characters is a thirteen year old boy and the other is… a thing that I can’t tell you without spoilering a large chunk of the book. Neither of the characters is really all that open or ready to deal with the topics at hand—Daniel, at the very least, is kind of forced into it. Anywho… I’ve resolved to skip it and let future Trevor deal with that problem. It’s sort of written—the content is there—just the dialogue needs something a bit more… betterment.

There is a free From Ash day coming up on the 15th, which is this Saturday. I’m sure that most everyone here has already picked it up long ago, but for any newcomers, grab it, it’s free. Also, in Three Day Novel Contest news, I should be hearing how I did (or didn’t do) in the next few weeks. I do believe the judging date was pushed back until the very end of February from its initial January timeslot; they have to read a lot of books. Anyways, depending on how terribly I did, there might be a new novella appearing online in the next few months. This will probably coincide with Dreamstate II being finished, but that’s life. It’ll probably end up being another 99cent thing that I do free days with.


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