Thursday, 20 February 2014

Is That the End in Sight?

Hey all,

And yes it is, the end of Dreamstate II is in sight. I managed to go back and work my way through that terrible scene that I was stuck on for some time. What it really came down to was just keeping the whole thing intact and then just pruning and editing the dialogue so people sounded less like jerks. I have, unfortunately, encountered a second scene right after the first that it’s proving to be even more difficult. I’m not sure why… possibly because the characters are more invested in making sure that things work out, and that they’ve had a deeper falling out. I’m sure that I’ll get through it before long, probably tomorrow, but for the time being it’s really sort of giving me a bit of a headache. This is one of those scenes that the entire book has been building up to, and if I execute it poorly then it’s really going to tarnish the ending. I’ll probably just end up writing out a few variations and then choose the one that I like the best—things tend to work out when I do that.

Outside of that tricky scene, everything else is pretty much done. There’s a few odds and ends at the very end of the book that I need to fill out, but it’s mostly just pieces that I was lazy with finishing over the past few days (while I’d been skipping the tricky bits). After that I have some serious editing to do, but that means that the real writing part of the writing will have been completed. I’m really, really looking forward to this, because it has been quite some time coming, and this book has been a serious pain at times. I’ve been working on Dreamstate II for about nine months now, and I’m looking forward to showing it to some people (once I edit the hell out of it) and getting some feedback. The whole world has been inside my head (and nowhere else) for so long, I’m really quite excited to show it to the rest of the world. Yay. 

Also, I do apologize for these slightly shorter than usual posts that I've been sending out over the past few weeks. I've been putting a stupid amount of time into trying to get the end of Dreamstate II to come out just right and it's eating into my everything else time. Once I hit the editing phases I'll be back to writing a bit more each week; not too much, mind you, but just the right amount.


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