Monday, 3 February 2014


Hey all,

It’s been an amusing few days of work. My free day for From Ash went off without a hitch. I’d forgotten about it until just around the middle of the day, so I didn’t quite spam twitter the way that I normally would, but folks still grabbed a few copies. I always find it interesting to see which other countries snag the book, since my English books don’t sell quite as well in non-English speaking places. Germany is always right up there in the downloading free/ occasionally buying my books lists. It would be fun to see who these people are and what they think of the book.

In other news I’ve been writing away just like last week. For a while I had been back at the keyboard for most of my work. I type a lot faster than I can write by hand, as I imagine most people do—this often leads me to use my computer just out of sheer convenience. I can finish the same amount of work in about half the time as I can if I write it out by hand… also when it’s hand written I need to type it up later just the same. Anywho, I was back into my journal this week, writing away by hand. It does take longer, but there is something comfy about curling up on the couch with some music on and writing non-stop for a good four or five hours. My hand does get a bit tired, and I tend to go through quite a few pens, but it’s cozy.

I’ve always said that I’m not quite sure why some days I’ll want to use a keyboard and others I’ll want to use a pen. I usually end up with about the same amount of work done, either way, and my hands get just as tired if I overdo it. Some days I like to type and others I like to write, it’s all a mystery to me, but as long as both options are open, it doesn’t seem like much of a problem at all.

Oh, also, there will be another From Ash free day in a few weeks; I’ll make a point of shouting it out a few times before it goes off, just in case anyone missed the one on the 1st.


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