Thursday, 27 February 2014

Snow and the End (of Book) Times

Hey all,

The snow that I was chatting about in my last post only got worse since that evening. I believe we had somewhere near twelve+ inches of snow Monday day. It was that terrible wet half-frozen snow that’s not really any fun to play around in; I avoided it as much as possible. But now it’s finally stopped snowing, the roads are sorta-kinda clear, and I’m back to being warm. I really don’t like writing when I’m cold, shivering makes it hard to hit the right keys.

In the world of writing things are coming along as they should. I’ve just been filling out the bits I need to and glaring at the pieces that will need the most editing. With any luck I can shame them into sorting themselves out before I need to get in there myself. Although my guess is that the words will be lazy and I’ll have to whip them into shape myself.

Earlier today I was trying to fill out some of those tricky scenes that I’d skipped over earlier in the writing process. (You know which ones I’m talking about—I tend to bring them up over and over again while writing these posts). Anyways, I became bogged down in making the dialogue work the way that I wanted it to and decided to take a bit of a break and write very brief summaries of the remaining holes in the story. I find even just getting a little bit of text down onto the page (even if it’s something that I already have in my head) can really, really help me finish something up. Anyways, I realized that I’m actually really close to being done with this book. I’ve been saying that for months, because I thought I was, but I just kept on writing and the story seemed to be never-ending (I believe I just cracked 115,000 words today, ugh). But, I found that there were only about 4 more little holes to plug up before I can get into the real nasty edits. I was a bit surprised—I still find it awful strange to be at the very tail end of something that I’ve put nearly a year of work into.

A final note: I’ve been neglecting keeping some of the other tabs on my site up to date, especially the ‘Things I Like’ section. I believe that once I’m done with the rough draft of this book, I might set aside an afternoon and do a bit of an overhaul on a bunch of stuff. There won’t be any drastic changes, but just a general sprucing of the parts that have been ignored for far too long.


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