Monday, 24 February 2014

Snow, Future Edits, and Free Days

Hey all,

It has been snowing something fierce up here for the past couple of days. I’ve ventured out for rather long walks, each time getting soggy and a bit cold. It’s kind of nice to go out in a storm, though, because everyone else is inside and I have the whole everywhere just to myself (and Charlotte). We walked all up and down the beach here yesterday and came across a pair of eagles eating a fish only about twenty feet from shore. You don’t really get stuff like that when there are ten thousand people running around screaming and making a ruckus.

I have had some decent writing days since the last time I blogged. I’m still pretty stuck on that second terrible scene, but some progress has been made. For the most part I’ve just been skirting around those duties and have been playing with the end bit of the book making sure that it’s just so. I feel like I ended the first book a bit quickly, and I really want to make sure that I’m one hundred percent in love with how this one ends. I think I’m about 90% there right now—there are just a few more tweaks, mostly to dialogue, not so much to plot, that I want to put in. It’s a good solid ending, more drawn out and finalized than it was last time. I like it, but I doubt it’s what anyone is going to expect—or at least I hope it isn’t. If I did my job correctly then there might be an inkling that something big is going to happen, but no one’s going to know exactly what it is until it happens.

In other writing news, there is one character in my book that I’ve been having issues with. They keep popping up and acting in ways that I don’t really like. I want them to be different, but in order to do that I’m going to need to go back and do a major overhaul of them. I think I can pull it off in editing, but it’s going to be a bit of a pain. I’ll probably end up making my entire next blog post all about the process—it’ll be a bit too much to talk about today (lengthwise). It might be a dry post, or it could be super exiting, I’ll look at the stuff I’ll need to do, write a bit about it, and see what happens.

The most recent free From Ash day (yesterday, forgot to tweet about it, whoops) seems to have been quite successful. I gave away the standard number of books and sales saw a wee bit of a jump, which is always nice. I’m pretty sure the terrible giveaway day was just due to its proximity to Valentines Day. From now on, I’m going to make an extra special point of avoiding any and all major holidays (some of the more minor ones too) just because people are off doing more important things than poking through the store for free books.


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