Thursday, 6 February 2014

What Madness Have I Wrought?

Hey all,

It’s cold here right now; cold to the point that I don’t want to go outside ever, and if I do I’m wearing mittens and about twelve jackets. I think it’s really the wind that’s bad… I was hanging out in a hoodie and jeans the other day while it snowed, and I felt just fine, because there was no wind. Once wind gets involved in the game then all of my clothing retained heat is forfeit to the elements. I nearly died going between my apartment and the car on the way to the gym last night. Clouds are supposed to come back in a few days and bring the temperature back above freezing, so… that’s good, but until then I plan on hiding right here in my apartment.

I also found out that one of my favorite bands (that is a music video in the link) is coming to Vancouver in a few months along with a handful of other people that I don’t utterly despise. Yay!

Onto non-weather/music related things. You know how I’ve been talking about writing in my journal so much the past few weeks? Remember how I also said that I bounce back and forth at seemingly random between the journal and my keyboard? Yeah, well, I forgot to put markers in the digital version of Dreamstate II to mark where I’d done up my journal writing. If I were a less lazy writer, I would have just typed up everything that I’d hand written the day that I wrote it. That nearly doubles my workload, though, and when I finish writing all I want to do with myself is binge-watch cartoons on netflix and drink coffee. So… I have the super fun task of trying to figure out what bits of my story don’t line up, mark them, and then find out just where the random chunks of text in my journal fit into the gaping story holes. I’m sure it won’t take more than an afternoon to smooth out, but I really, really should have thought of this before I did a 70/30 split in my writing locations.

I’ll be out of town on my next blog posting day. I’m not sure quite what I’ll be doing for a post that day. I say this all the time, but I’ll probably just have to bring down my laptop and then sneak away for a few minutes to post something that I’ll have written earlier. No promising that the next post will be up to snuff in terms of length or content, but I’ll try.


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