Thursday, 27 March 2014

Everything is Swell

Hey all,

Nothing too exciting has been going on here since my last post. I’ve been sticking to my regimented day of editing in the morning and writing scary things at night. It’s been working pretty well for the most part. I think my horror writing might be falling a bit behind (only 1000 words a day or so) because I’m falling asleep earlier and earlier. It probably has something to do with working both books at the same time, but I like both projects, so that’s okay.

Dreamstate II is nearly in the actual word editing phase, I do believe. There are only a few extra bits that I need to really thrash away and delete, and then barring a couple re-written scenes I should be hitting up the grammar. Mind you, it might take an extra week or so to get there, mostly because I’m terrible at predicting how long things take and this book is extra sneaky and deceptive. The parts that I have burned through, however, have all gone off mostly without a hitch. I’ve figured out a few good ways of messing with scenes to wipe out the dead subplots and refocus the attention of the scene onto the other characters. Often there was other important stuff going on that took a bit of a backseat to the subplot issues—no more, they are now front and center and I think the books reads a bit more clearly now.

While I’ve been doing the above mentioned big scene edits, I’ve been trying my very best to ignore the more obvious grammatical/ syntax errors. It’s one of the harder things for me to do throughout the whole writing process—ignore. There is a reason for my madness, though, and I’ll do my best to explain. If I start really messing around with the nitty-gritty typos and general errors, I’m going to bog myself down and the edits will take forever to finish; also, I run the risk of editing something that might get wiped out further down the road. I try to start with the biggest issues and work my way down to the very smallest (typos)—any other order and I bury myself in chaos and mistyped word bits. It throws my brain for a loop to see something that I could easily fix and then ignore it, but it’s crucial to the process to not go down that road.

I fear this post might be a little bit shorter than usual. I’ve been so busy with the work that I’ve actually been super productive on pretty much all fronts. I have a lot more to talk about if something has gone terribly wrong, and unfortunately everything is good right now. But hey, maybe with a little bit of luck I’ll be catch writer’s block or find the most poorly written scene ever in Dreamstate II. If I do, you guys will be the first to hear about it.


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