Monday, 3 March 2014

Journaling Some Horror

Hey all,

It’s been snowing again up here in Vancouver. We’d had another snow warning for 25cm of snow this weekend, but somewhere along the line it warmed up a bit and turned to rain. So it’s just been very cold and very wet for the past while, and everything is covered in a nice fine layer of smooshy ice-goo. Needless to say, I’ve not been walking to all that many places as of late—I can make it to the coffee shop if I need to, but I’d much rather stay warm and indoors at least until the wind dies down a bit.

I took some time away from Dreamstate II this weekend to get back to basics with my horror story. I was reading through what I’d written, and came to the conclusion that I sort of hated the main character. That’s not always a bad thing, but I didn’t hate him in a ‘he’s the bad guy’ sort of way, I hated him because he was annoying, and whiny. Anywho, I’m taking the book back down to its most basic elements (in my journal) and expanding on them a little bit. I want everything to be more dark and gritty, I need less ‘wahh, woe is me!’

I have a lot of stuff in the book that I really like; I’ve given myself nightmares a few times, which means that it must be working to some extent. I’ll admit, scary things do tend to scare me, but I figure that’s a reasonable test to check the horror levels in my horror story. I also think that I’m going to be aiming for a bit shorter of a story this time around, maybe 60k words or so. I can condense a lot of the story and kill many places that I felt like the plot was lagging a bit—really I’ll just be tightening up what was going on so the action keeps on coming. This is something that I’ll be revisiting a fair amount in Dreamstate II as well; dead sections of text sure do kill the fun.

The 3 Day Novel Contest winner announcement has been delayed for a few more weeks it seems. Hopefully we’ll know what’s up in a few weeks and I can tell you all if there will be another novella of mine heading to Amazon or not. Also, there will be another free From Ash day coming up this weekend on the 8th, so be ready to snag it then if you haven’t already.


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