Thursday, 20 March 2014

Late, Late, Late!

Hey all

I am sorry about being slow on getting up this post. I totally forgot to write it last night. I’d spent the better part of my day editing Dreamstate II, and a good chunk of my night writing the horror story. Anything that didn’t revolve around those two projects, and going to the gym, seems to have evaporated from my mind. Anywho, it’s up now, and it’s still technically Thursday, so I’ll call this one as me being safe, but just barely.

So as I promised this is a page from the horror story journal. I don’t have a title really picked out for it yet, so you’re just gong to have to deal with my calling it by what it is for the time being. Anyways, the page is one of many that helps me to build a character (one of many, as in there are about six per character.) This particular creature is something that, for the time being, I’m calling The Watcher. You can probably figure out why by reading the questions and statements that I’ve made on the page. Sorry for the slightly lopsided handwriting, the pages aren’t lined which for whatever reason causes my hand to go crazy.

Back to the character development—I really do need these types of pages or I find that my characters tend to fall flat. Even for minor people, places, and things, I need to create a list or web of everything that I can possible think of that might work with the character I’m building. It doesn’t mean that everything I write down is going to make it into the final version, and it most certainly doesn’t mean that everything is going to be set in stone once I do start writing. This is just the very best way that I’ve found so far to get all of my ideas down onto a page, and then be able to pick and choose attributes that I like and think will work with the story. Like I said, this is a super quick-fire list that I made very early on in the process. I don’t want to show any of the more subtle definitions of the characters or their sketches lest I start to ruin the story a bit. I think the stuff in the image is pretty general, but gives a reasonable idea of how I start to work.


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