Thursday, 13 March 2014


Hey all,

I have been having a delightful week off from Dreamstate. I’ve slept in, I’ve stayed up late, and I’ve spent a tremendous amount of time writing in my journal and playing with ideas for future books. The horror plans are coming along quite nicely; I’m still freaking myself out late at night, which is when I have the best ideas, but any solid planning does put me on edge (noises at night are clearly monsters). I might throw up a few pictures from the inner workings of my journal, (not that you’d be able to decipher what’s in there), just to give everyone a basic idea of what I’m aiming for with the story. It’s a lot different, and a lot more adult than the Dreamstate series. I’m kind of excited.

In future writing news, I’m starting to dread the edits, and might start putting together a solid list of pre-edit items that I 100% need to get finished before I launch into the real meat of the text—just so I don’t go mad later on. I know there are large sections of the book that I have to chop out entirely, and then track down the trailing bits of sub-plot and any references to the original event. Also, a fair number of places and people change ever so slightly as the book moved along (because I had new ideas and I changed as I wrote it); now I need to go back and tweak everything so that it aligns correctly. I’m sure you’ve heard me grumbling about this back when I was working on the From Ash edits, but this is definitely a far more involved process. I’m not quite sure what the final unedited word count is, because there are some bits that I haven’t put back into the word document from the journal (handwritten), but I reckon it is somewhere in the neighborhood of 120,000 words. That is an insane number of words for a book that was aiming to be 80,000. With any luck I should be able to chop a good 10-15% off of the final number. I’ll give you guys an update with specifics once I figure it out myself.

I might also have the finalized title of the second Dreamstate book by the time I write my next blog post—so, be ready for that bombshell to drop on y’all.


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