Thursday, 6 March 2014

Two More Days?

Hey all,

This might be a short post, and if it is I apologize in advance. I am currently locked in the final sprint of finishing up Dreamstate II. I’ve less than half a chapter that needs to be written, and with any luck I’ll get it done by this Friday. This is terribly exciting for me, because I really would like to be finished. Not because I’m tired of the story (weary perhaps) but because I want to start shaping it into something more resembling its final form. There is so much excess content that needs to be shaved off that I feel a bit more like a sculptor rather than a writer. I have a rough, yet not at all unrecognizable behemoth of thing in front of me and soon I get to start adding in the fine touches and then the polish. I’m not so much a fan of the technical grind and decision making of editing, but I do like the end product that it spits out.

That’s really all that I’ve been doing over the past few days—just hammering away at this darn book. It’s very long, and quite complex, and something that I hope is completely unique, even when compared to my last story. Now, as much as I would like to yammer about the general strangeness that is Dreamstate II, I think my time might be better spent finishing it up. I really, really, want to be able to show you guys a screenshot of –The End– typed ever so nicely at the bottom of the final page; and if that is going to happen I need to get back to it.


Also, free From Ash this Saturday the 8th of March.

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